Google Music Sync is Working for Select Rooted Devices

Some folks over at XDA have been able to get Google Music Sync to work on their Android devices, ahead of any formal acknowledgment of the service.  Widely expected to roll out and/or hit the Android Market in the near future, Google Music should be a cloud-based server for holding your music files. 

After installation, the sync process began and, according to the first user to notice this phenomenon, the phone was now syncing music, too. His collection of music synced overnight, he said. By morning, an option to “Stream Music” became available from within the music player application.

According to ReadWriteWeb, the process is somewhat involved and has not been perfected yet.  Still, it’s a good sign that things might be moving along.  We first got our taste of the music service all the way back in May of 2010 at Google I/O where the concept was demonstrated.

We’re wondering if Google Music (Sync) will roll out ahead of this year’s conference or if that will be part of a big 2011 announcement.  Could be a great way to introduce the service, showing that it works with today’s Android phones.

  • Philip

    FINALLY!!! I have been waiting for this for soooo long…

  • Link to thread at xda?

  • Link perhaps?

  • Greebo

    Google Copyright Violation detector is now available. Upload your music to be assessed….

  • Anonymous
  • 94wolf

    I tried to go to yesterday and it redirects to a general help page now… sign of things to come? Or is it that LaLa being bought by apple pretty much killed the svc?

  • Cool…
    can’t wait to hit it thru my phone.

  • Rich25

    Maybe I am missing something, but what benefit does this add besides clearing up some space on your SD card? It would suck to not be able to access your music because you were in an area where you did not have a data signal..

    • Philip

      It’s called “cloud computing”. The beauty is that it will enable you to get to your files (and music) completely independent on the physical device you’re using. So all your files (and music) will be available on your Android phone, your Android tablet, your PC/Mac running the Chrome browser. Heck, you can even get to the files from your friends PC/Mac after you log into your Google account in Chrome. And if you are in a spot with bad data signal, nobody prevents you from still having your files on your hard drive. Check the Google Cr-48 Chrome OS laptop to see cloud computing on steroids.

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