Gowalla 3.0 Hits Android

My favorite check-in client, Gowalla, gets better today with version 3.0 hitting the Android Market. Not to be confused as a Honeycomb-optimized version of the app, this update works on all Android devices running 1.5 or higher. So what’s new in this version of Gowalla? All sorts of stuff, from a UI overhaul to integration with Facebook Places, Tumblr and Foursquare. Yeah, it’s now one of the best all-in-one check-in apps!  

Features in Gowalla 3.0 include:

  • An entrance like no other, with a big ol’ check-in button
  • Beautiful sights everywhere, as photos and highlights are front-and-center
  • A packed, yet easy-to-navigate lobby on the redesigned Activity Page, featuring all your friends and family in one simple stream, including Facebook Places and Foursquare check-ins
  • The best concierge money can buy, with the ability to find and share Highlights, and a new Bookmarking feature to help locate your favorite Spots later
  • A photo journal in every room, with photo taking and sharing being easier than ever, and connected directly to each check-in

Josh Williams, co-founder and CEO of Gowalla, calls it “the best app ever created for Android. Ever.” but I think he might be a little biased.  I’ll say this: It’s on the front screen of my phone and is always within reach.  If you already have Gowalla on your phone, look for an update notification later today.  We’re told the app should go live in the Android Market at around 10:00 AM EST but we don’t see it quite yet. It’s live.  If you’re already using a check-in app for your Android phone, I invite you to try Gowalla.


  • 304jfce

    Just downloaded it. Looks great.