Motorola to Attempt 4G Upgrade on All XOOM Tablets, Rooted or Not

Good news for those of you early XOOM adopters worried about rooting your tablet.  Previous rumors were that Motorola would not attempt to update your device should you have unlocked the Honeycomb tablet.   According to the official Motorola Support Forums, the company will do what they can to update the XOOM with a 4G LTE modem, regardless of whether it’s rooted or not.  They aren’t promising anything, but they will do their best. To make things easier, they ask that users do flash back to the original setup to its original firmware.  More details are expected to trickle out ahead of the modem update.

Via: Engadget

EDIT: Our sincere apologies for the poor title.  We rushed it earlier and neglected to doublecheck.   The body of the post is correct, it’s the title that sucks.

  • Guest

    Poor headline. I clicked, wondering how they would upgrade my Droid to 4G.

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