Samsung Announces Portrait QWERTY Galaxy Pro [VIDEO]


Samsung joined Motorola (Droid Pro) and HTC (ChaCha) today with the announcement of a portrait QWERTY Android phone.  Dubbed, what else, the Galaxy Pro, it features the form factor that was once synonymous with BlackBerry phones.  The phone runs Android 2.2 and features an 800MHz processor, a 3-megapixel camera and a 2.8-inch touch display.  As of right now the Galaxy Pro is expected to land on wireless provider Three over the next few months, but a price has yet to be announced. 

Via: SamsungHub


      • That’s silly, all androids bodies are portrait. Since that’s an unimportant detail of the phone, and is actually the opposite of what is notable about the phone, then that would not be what he’s referring to. The author just used the wrong word on the title.

  1. Very similiar like Motorola Charm. What a shame. That’s Qwerty Keyboard begin from Motorola Q9h and not from BlackBerry.