Sprint Poised To Steal The Show At CTIA; EVOs and Nexus S Rumored

After a no-show at MWC this year, Sprint is looking to make CTIA all about the new and improved carrier. Promising to “pull back the curtain with the latest in wireless innovation,” many wondered if Sprint would finally unveil the EVOs next of kin. But surely such an announcement wouldn’t require a 2.5 hour conference. So what else have they got planned?

Engadget’s Chris Ziegler seems to have the inside scoop. It looks like Sprint will, indeed, steal the show this year–EVO awesomeness included. Rumors have it that Sprint will be unveiling a 3D version of the EVO, an EVO tablet (called the View), and the Nexus S on WiMAX-grade steroids. A quick visit yesterday to the the URL http://now.sprint.com/nexus was showing a “coming soon” palce holder, but has since been replaced by a “forbidden” site.  Replacing “nexus” in the URL with “evoview” or “evo3d” will redirect you back to the Sprint homepage, instead of flashing a 404 page not found error. This seems to confirm the rumors.

While we won’t know anything for sure until CTIA kicks off in 2 weeks, the prospect of Sprint outing 3 new devices is pretty exciting for CDMA users. With the EVO 3D, EVO View, and the Nexus S 4G in their arsenal, it looks like Sprint will continue growing under Dan Hesse’s leadership.

Fear not. AG will be there front-and-center to bring you the latest from Sprint’s unveiling. Just like MWC, CTIA is shaping up to be another colossal Android-fest.

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  1. theSuperStar
    March 07, 23:40 Reply

    Sprint again will demonstrate they are the mobile leader – Evo.

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