T-Mobile Getting LG Optimus 2X as the “T-Mobile G2X”?

Finally…a dual-core Android phone for T-Mobile USA? TmoNews is reporting a leaked document that clearly showcases a picture of the T-Mobile G2X, which would be a rebrand of the LG Optimus 2X. Other than the picture of the device and logo, there is no other information given.

Let’s speculate, shall we? T-Mobile‘s G-Series (G1, G2, G-Slate) is known for keeping a very stock Android experience. The LG Optimus 2X, as we know it, is not stock Android. Could T-Mobile be telling LG to put stock Android on their device so they can keep the respect for stock Android in their G-Series? Also, will it come with Gingerbread and 4G? The fact that the name is G2X instead of the G3 makes me think that T-Mobile wants to market this as a faster G2 (with dual-core, it will be), and not necessarily as a next-generation step forward.

Hopefully we will find out more details on what would be the Big Magenta’s first dual-core phone. Any first thoughts you would like to share? Any G2 owners out there getting jealous? Let us know!

  • mugabo

    G2 is stock PLUS uninstallable bloatware (unless you got root). WiFi calling, Twitter, and Facebook are useless to me (the latter two still start themselves up once in a while and do wtf).

    • Jeremylewis1980


      • mugabo

        I cannot answer you given the lack of detail in your question. You may as well have asked me, “Where?”

        Green! Is that the “what” you were looking for?

        Let me dumb it down for you: I have a T-Mobile G2. It comes with uninstallable NON-STOCK applications preinstalled. They cannot be removed. They are of no use to me. Sometimes they start and run (after a network connection is established). I would prefer a stock experience without resorting to rooting my phone. Which what would you like me to clarify for you?

        • gouda

          @Mugabo – regardless, your original post has little to do with the release of the G2x on T-Mo. Go bark in a G2 forum and let the rest of drool at the G2x.

          ..yeah yeah..freedom of speech. blah blah blah

          • OutstandingOs

            it’s the curse of the internet. the anonymity of these forums allows people to be as rude and as obnoxious as they choose to. His first post was no where close to as understandable as his second, yet he chose to chastise someone for not understanding him, instead of just clarifying to begin with. smh, terrible. I say all this, still in expectancy of a rude reply

          • Prince

            he’s giving a counterexample to “T-Mobile’s G-Series (G1, G2, G-Slate) is known for keeping a very stock Android experience”

          • Macadayear

            Yeah. He blows goats for cheese.

          • mugabo

            Sorry, Gouda, I was keying off of the statement:
            “T-Mobile’s G-Series (G1, G2, G-Slate) is known for keeping a very stock Android experience.”

  • I would love to see an NFC chip on this one.

  • bryan

    If this launches with stock android I’ll definitely consider it as a replacement to my G2. Otherwise I will probably end up waiting to see what comes out between now and the end of the year. It will probably be between this and the HTC pyramid to replace my G2. Something dual core with a screen in the 3.7-4.3 inch range, physical keyboard is optional.

  • Yeah, the G2 isn’t stock with all of the un-uninstallable bloatware.

    It’s a great phone, but the bloatware has mucked some things up with Google Translate and with the pre-installed apps running in the background.