comScore: Android is Most-Used Smart Phone OS

In a shade over two years, Google has gone from zero presence in the mobile OS arena to the top dog.  According to the most recent comScore report, the Android platform now accounts for nearly one in three (31%) smart phones in the United States.

The data collected over the three month period ending in January 2011 shows our beloved OS surpassing RIM and Apple for the first time.  RIM comes in a close second at 30.4 percent market share while Apple follows at 24.7 percent.  Rounding out the top five are Microsoft (8.0 percent) and Palm (3.2 percent).  The comScore figures also tell us that there are now more than 65 million US subscribers using smart phones, up 8 percent from the three month period leading up.

Via: CNN Money

  • Andy

    In Jan 2010 comScore reported 42.7M smartphones with 7.1% Android (=3M) and today they say 65.8M phones with 31.2% Android (=20.5M). Therefore the smartphone universe has increased by 23.1M in a year and effectively Android claimed 75% !

  • Whilst comScore’s research is interesting as it shines light on the Android growth in the personal smartphone market what is even more interesting is that Android dominates the smartphone arena, except in enterprise-class end-users this is still the BlackBerry domain. But 2011 is an important year for Android, which has matured with Gingerbread/Honeycomb and increased enterprise functionality to go head to head with BlackBerry. Read my blog to find out Android’s future in the enterprise-class smartphone market place;

  • While these stats are interesting, I think it would be more worthwhile to remove the smartphone ‘restriction’ and compare OS to OS rather than OS running on whatever platform. Sure, RIM, Microsoft and Palm would be out, but we’d get a more accurate measurement of how Android is holding up against iOS on the whole.