CyanogenMod v7.0.0-RC2 Available For Many Devices


RC2 of the ever popular series of custom ROMS is available for download!

The CyanogenMod team has been busy with numerous improvements lately.  We’re talking HTC EVO WIMAX(4G) baby!! yea yea!! The latest Gingerbread build is up to v2.3.3 and more CM7 specific features have been added to a 2nd Release Candidate(RC2) which means we are one step closer to a final(stable) build of CM7.0.0.

Get over to the Teamdouche mirrors and grab the RC2 for your device.  The mirrors are getting hammered right now, have a little patience and get ready to flash.  Do a nandroid backup while you wait maybe 😀


    • Yes. You are absolutely justified to be upset about this. They owe you a Galaxy S variant. How dare they not give it to you, after all you’ve done for them.

      • You are absolutely correct, being as I personally sent over 100 emails to google during his C&D on his behalf..only to be shunned when a new Fisher Price HTC device came out. So yes, a little bit of gratitude goes a long way. Btw, take Steve’s cock out of your mouth next time so we can understand you better.

        • Whoa sorry I didn’t realize you spammed Google for him. I’m sure he really appreciated that. What a good helper!

          I don’t know who this Steve guy is you’re talking about. My boyfriend’s name is Brian. But it seems like everybody understood me really well!

    • 1. stop buying cheap hardware phones
      2. its not their fault, blame samsung, due to their coding is almost impossible to release a fully working version of CM for their devices.

  1. Would be awesome if they broadened their horizons a bit..such as developing for devices other than mainly HTC only. Just my 2 cents.