Developers We Love: LevelUp Studio

When you spend as much time as we do looking at the horizon, it’s easy to lose sight of things right in front of you.  As great as it is to talk about the next hot phone or tablet, we know a vast majority of you already have a device and plan to stick with it for quite a while.  So, instead of making you angry with rumors of the next killer handset, we’d rather help you get the most of the one that is on your desk right now.  With that, we’re starting off a new series called Developers We Love.  These are the guys you should be looking first for great apps and games to take advantage of your Android devices.

Our love for LevelUp Studio began a long time ago when they first released Beautiful Widgets.  Bringing the sexy HTC Sense-inspired clock widget to Android phones around the world, it was apparent that these guys had a knack for design and aesthetics.  Beautiful Widgets has improved steadily over time, adding new features and customization to an already gorgeous set of clocks, weather widgets, and more.  Thanks to its recent Super Clock Widget and overhauled SDK, we’re finding new and exciting clocks and weather themes nearly every time we open the app.  There are a few other sets of widgets that can be tailored for even more desktop control over your Android settings.   Along the same lines, LevelUp Studio also provides a live wallpaper for devices that takes the standard grass theme and pours new animations all over it. We’re talking rain, snow, sun, clouds, fog, and more.  This always moving, location-aware wallpaper looks great no matter what widgets or apps you use.

Beautiful Widgets offers seemingly endless home screen customization.

Another standout application from LevelUp Studio is their twitter client, Plume.  Formerly known as Touiteur, it too gets better all the time.  Features include color customization, scrollable widgets, geotagging, picture previews, inline conversations, and much more.  Plume supports multiple accounts and a host of photo sharing tools for you preferential types.  As functional as it is pleasing to the eye, this one makes for a great twitter experience.

And this brings us to FoxyRing, a customizable app that makes your Android ringtones smarter.  Making use of time, location, and ambient noise, FoxyRing adjusts itself so that you don’t have any awkward boardroom moments.  Other features include battery management, sleeping hours, and a timed silence mode widget. The widget is handy for people who forget to turn their phone back up after the movie lets out.

We look forward to only improvements to these existing apps, but whatever else LevelUp Studio wants to throw our way.  If you’re new to Android or are just looking to spice things up, definitely give these guys a peek.

  • Whodat

    I’m not a fan of Beautiful Widgets simply because of their pay to play mentality. That is, in order to even try them, you need to shell out $3. I use Fancy Widget Pro now, and like it well enough, what made my decision to go with them was that I was able to try the app out in a Lite version, that although limited showed you what it could do, including w/ themes. Since I already paid for one customization app, I can’t justify getting a second, esp. since I can’t try a lite version to see if I will like it first.

    • Larry

      Yes, it sucks that they want compensation for their work. They are jerks. $3 is a lot of money and totally not an amount I’d thoughtlessy drop on some crappy offbrand corn nuts at a gas station.

      • Regbey

        Exactly, heaven forbid the tables are turned when you are at work at McDonald’s and people don’t want to pay for the burgers you just flipped…damn you Level Up, damn you to hell! Whodat expects your efforts, past, present and future to be free for him!!!

        • Ilovelilly1

          He isn’t saying they shouldn’t have a paid version of their app, he is saying they should make a lite version so that you can get an idea of what it’s like before buying it. Especially since they don’t offer refunds. Kinda makes sense if you think about it.

          • I don’t think 3$ is too much for what they offer!

  • drdrewdown

    Plume is awesome, i love how @levelupstudio interacts with their users!

    • Anonymous

      I find a lot of the feature of Plume appealing (the widget most of all) but since I use Facebook much more than Twitter, I’m using TweetDeck for now. If they can add Facebook integration into Plume, I’ll be there.