Jolicloud’s Internet OS Coming to Android

The internet-based (HTML, JavaScript, CSS, etc) operating system, Jolicloud, is coming to Android in the “future”.  After getting started back in August of 2010, the revolutionary OS has gone on to see more than 300,000 accounts with more than 3.5 million application downloads.  A blog post from the company fills us in with some recent successes and a quick look to the future, where Android figures to play a role.  Being that the Joli OS is cloud-based and open-sourced, we can imagine some pretty nifty results when paired with Android.

  • Anonymous

    A couple of clarifications:

    Jolicloud or Joli OS is not opensource. It is based on Ubuntu, which is open source. The ubuntu specific components in jolicloud are opensource. The html5 launcher/server/etc are not.

    You can currently run on your android hanset/tablet/etc by switching the UA string in the browser to anything but android.