Samsung Nexus S Hitting All Canadian Carriers

Samsung is taking the Nexus S to Canada later this month where the handset maker plans to release the device across all wireless carriers. This means that Bell, Rogers, Telus, Mobilicity, WIND Mobile and Videotron will each be offering the Pure Google phone. Why the departure from other release models? Since there is no customization on top of the stock Android experience, it doesn’t brand itself to any one carrier. With no specific pricing or launch dates to speak of, it is expected that the phone will offer all the same hardware that is found in its US counterpart.

Thanks djunio!

  • Seriously……it packs almost 1 year old hardware…..the phone was already history when it was released in USA

    • d3adpool

      The Nexus was released in the US 3 months ago… true unbranded android exp. troll.

      • Nexus S has the same hardware as original Galaxy S released in the beginning of summer 2010, minus Gorilla Glass, SD-Slot, and Bluetooth 3.0 = OLD HARDWARE, some dont even have SAMOLED display.

        “True Unbranded Android Experience” <<<<< thats funny. All I see in NS Forum is bugs and wishes for TouchWiz features……

  • Scott

    Atrix, LG 3D and Samsung Galaxy s2 on Rogers/Fido would be nice. I have the original N1 and the NS isn’t a big enough jump to get me to move.

  • Andrew

    I’ll wait for the next nexus phone. I have a galaxy s and this is pretty much a galaxy s that gets updates.

  • yeah exept nobody in his right mind wants a phone from a canadian telco …..
    locked , sim locked and only dual band to force you into raming fees , bought my desire HD in Hong-kong , quad band works world wide and paid it half the price i would get it here in canada , damn i get better service cheaper with china telecom then with any canadian telco (pretty hot for a supposed to be emerging country huh ? i’m sure graham bell is turning in his grave)
    and btw “all canadian carriers” still means only 2 network rogers/fido or bell that any geek will avoid like the plague because of their crappy service and random billing system