Spacetime Studios: Pocket Legends on Android Generates 30%-50% More Revenue than iOS Version

We bet you’ve probably heard that there is no money to be made in Android.  As a potential developer, hearing this might make you think twice about writing for a platform that is supposed to hold so much promise.  The only guys making money are Rovio, right?  Wrong.  Spacetime Studios and its popular 3D MMO, Pocket Legends is doing quite alright, thanks to their Android app.  In fact, the robot-powered version is making considerably more cheddar than the iOS counterpart.

Spacetime says that, with roughly 9,000 daily downloads, the level of activity on Android is nearly double what the Apple flavor sees. Not only are we Android folks downloading the game, but we’re engaging in it and using it at a rate of three time the Apple version. How does this add up to dollars for the developer? In-app purchases, silly. Considering that Android does not yet offer a seamless purchasing experience within applications (Apple does), it’s pulling in 30 to 50 percent more revenue than iOS.

“We’ve just been blown away,” says Spacetime CEO Gary Gattis. “Android has become our primary interest.”

Glad to hear it, Gary!


  • Bravo! I downloaded this game about a week ago and saw that the quality this company put into there programming was excellent. Just as well as the content and interface. I believe that quality content and programming will never see a loss even with the issues surrounding the android market. There is “BIG” potential in tapping into the android platform and it’s users. Not just in revenue but in community, and knowledge also. Kudos to this company for getting it right.

  • Andy

    The last sentence doesn’t really make sense. Are they using in app purchases on both platforms? I think a little more explanation of why the developer thinks this is happening would make this a much better article.

  • Considering that there are so few high quality games on Android and a huge number of high quality choices on iOS, it’s no wonder the high quality games, such as this one, on Android are being picked.

    Congratulations to the developers.