ViewSonic’s $600 ViewPad 10 Dual-Boots Windows 7, Android 1.6

ViewSonic announced yesterday that their 10.1-inch ViewPad 10 now has a price and North American availability.  Dual-booting between Windows 7 Home Premium and Android  1.6 (YUCK), it features a 1.66GHz Intel Atom processor, 2GB, 1.3 megapixel front-facing camera, and support for microSD, WiFi and Bluetooth.

Given the fact that the Windows stuff would be convenient to run Word, Excel, etc, it would normally sound appealing to us.  The problem we see ViewSonic facing starts with the $599 (16GB SSD hard drive) and $679  (32GB SSD hard drive) price tags. That, and pretty much all Android 1.6 apps will look average on the 1024×600 screen.  Were this to launch a year ago, we might be inclined to give it a second look.  In 2011, we’re looking for considerably more out of our Android tablets.

Let’s hope the future of ViewSonic is a little cheaper and more modern.


  • drdrewdown

    uggh what a terrible combination of OS choices.. Who from Viewsonic do we kick in the nuts?

  • Akhor

    Why doesn’t Google implement the genius multitouch interface created by the company they bought called bumptop? They had some good gesture control and such. I WANT A TABLET NOT A BIG ANDROID/iPHONE.

  • Android 1.6?! You are kidding me!

  • Anonymous

    basically this is a windows 7 tablet that also happens to have android

  • Why Android 1.6? We are at 3.0 already… (going through 2.0, 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3)

  • Ppeirce

    What’s even funnier is their promotional image shows it running, of all things, a modified OS X! =P

  • Anonymous

    You mean I can have Android 1.6? Right out of the box?

    I’ll take 2 of these bad boys then…/s

  • Anonymous

    If this were an 80’s movie, this tablet would be the old dude who shows up to a high school party in a van, wearing out of style clothes, and yelling “kegger” all night.