Android Explodes in Europe to the Tune of 1,580% Growth

We don’t need fancy reports to tell us what we already know – Android is growing at an alarming rate.  Still, once in a while, we love to see the growth in the form of charts and studies.  Such is the case with a recent IDC finding which shows Android jumping a massive 1580% year-over-year in European markets.  To be clear, Android only moved 470,000 units during the same quarter in the previous year.  Having said that, 7.9 million Android phones sold in one quarter is nothing to sneeze at.

“The last quarter of 2010 clearly shows the trends for the coming years in Western Europe. The Western European mobile phone market will be dominated by smartphones, and Android will be the king of the hill,” said Francisco Jeronimo, European mobile devices research manager, IDC. “

Much like it has done in the United States, the Android market share is now at 31 percent and is considered the “fastest growing operating system ever”. Looking forward, IDC calculates Android growth at a 37% compounded annually over the next five years.


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  1. HoneycombFTW
    March 09, 18:27 Reply

    Now what are Apple fans like Scoble going to say since Android is #1 in US, Europe, and the world? Let me guess. . . Verizon will save the iPhone. . . yeah, right!

    • Chuck Falzone
      March 09, 18:52 Reply

      ?? Scoble is at least as much an Android fan as an Apple fan, and has been encouraging developers to pursue Android before/instead of iOS.

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