Download This: Micronytes [VIDEO]


Micronytes is a new platform game for Android that features HD graphics, intuitive controls and a catchy, quirky soundtrack. The Fantastic Voyage-inspired plot has a tiny protagonist trying to cure a sick patient from within their body.

In addition to its 80 levels, Micronytes has a system of achievements called trophies that can unlock an alternate ending and in general make the game more replayable.

Check out this video trailer:


Note that the slick intros and outros in the video are included in the game– not just a part of the trailer.

The full version of Micronytes is available in the Android Market, along with a free demo version.


  • Lqzak

    50 meg?! Even the demo is 30. SD or no SD support you still have to download it to the built in storage first and who do you know with an android phone has a spare 30-50 meg? I’m always tetering on 15 myself

    • Hi Lqzak!

      Sorry for that but we hate having to download additional packages on the games we play (15 minutes refund), so everything is bundled on one package (HD graphics and over 20 minutes of music). Another solution would be separating the HD version from a “normal” version, but we wouldn’t want to charge our customers twice for the same game. Buy a single copy and play on both your android cellphone and tablet!

      Gibs & Gore

      PD) And thanks for the review!

  • Anonymous

    You should link to the demo, too.

    Who has a spare 30 MB? Heck, my Galaxy has a spare 10 GB or so right now. And that’s just the SD card.