Samsung Phone Hits FCC Looking Very Much Like Galaxy Pro


Samsung announced the Galaxy Pro earlier this week, bringing a new form factor to the Galaxy series of Android devices.  Expected to hit the UK in the near future, some of our US readers were intrigued by the design.  With a look that resembles the BlackBerry of days gone by, the portrait QWERTY hasn’t really made much noise in the world of Android, save for the Droid Pro and Charm.  Based on recently uncovered FCC documents, things look to be changing in the near future.  

The guys at Pocketnow have found a Samsung device (B7510B) in FCC filings that bears a striking resemblance to the Galaxy Pro.  Based on the AT&T bands listed with the handset, it appears that Ma Bell may be first to offer this model. Specs for the UK model include a 2.8-inch touch display, 800MHz processor, and 3-megapixel camera.  The question, which we also posed on the podcast this week, is whether or not Samsung would bring this across all major carriers like they have done for the Galaxy S.

Would you pick one of these up for yourself or are you not Enterprise-y enough?

Editor Note: The composite image we created comes from the side-by-side comparison listed with the original sources, Pocketnow & SamsungHub.