Analyst: “Honeycomb Has Little Chance of Mass Adoption”

Oh boy, here we go.  This next post will no doubt start a flame war somewhere. Trip Chowdhry, an analyst from Global Equities Research, has based his entire forecast of Honeycomb’s success on the Motorola XOOM.  Saying that Android 3.0 is “by the geeks, for the geeks, and of the geeks”, Chowdry complains of the XOOM’s battery life, standby time, and overall bugginess.  And for that, he sees little promise in Honeycomb.

I hate to break it to ya Trip, but this sounds exactly like what you “analyst” types were saying about the G1 and Android back in 2008.  Hope your words are tasty because we can’t wait to see you eat ’em.  Someone should tell him about maintenance releases, patches, and updates.  Oh, and while you’re at it, let him know that not all hardware is created the same.

Yeesh, some people.

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  1. HoneycombFTW
    March 10, 17:05 Reply

    OH, COMMON! You don’t publish some moron analyst’s clearly pro-apple BS on an Android site!

    That just gives these FUD spewers more incentive to say more stupid crap. He’s already gotten way more publicity than he ever should have–it should have stayed on the pro-Apple site it was made.

    This Trip guy made a load a clearly false accusations and statements about Honeycomb and the Motorola Xoom and HAS NO SOURCES to backup his statements = FUD!!!

    I hope Motorola takes notice of this clown and drags him into court for slander.

    • Nobuyuki Sakamoto
      March 10, 20:17 Reply

      You mean “come on”.

      Actually, as raw and unfinished as Honeycomb is on the Xoom, his reaction is understandable. Look at it realistically, not as a fanatic.

      • Honeycom
        March 12, 03:16 Reply

        Yes. . Come ON. . .

        His reaction is not understandable because his statements have no factual basis. It’s clear he has never looked at it, seen reviews or anything else. This person, if you check him out, is a pro-apple analyst with a pro-apple firm. He’s made similar statements in the past about Android and other products before they even got to market. . .

        Sorry, I’m not a fanatic. Just sick of seeing “analysts” spewing this that and the other thing with no basis. Such as this guys two hour battery life for the Xoom but then offers no source for that statement.

      • Anonymous
        March 13, 23:09 Reply

        for me, the thing is this… How can his review be so different than mine? I see it as something with room for improvement, but also as the start of possibly the best android OS to date. I wouldn’t consider myself a fanatic, but someone who can look at this tablet (the xoom) when everything is working as it should, and see its got a TON of potential. I get frustrated with things are buggy, force closing, lag, etc. , but I kind of accept that as an early adopter, and live on the hope and expectation that with time, it’ll only get better. I wonder what these so-called analysts thought of the first automobile

  2. Richard
    March 10, 17:11 Reply

    It won’t if manufacturers release nothing but extremely expensive devices like the xoom.

    • Anonymous
      March 10, 22:17 Reply

      That’s Verizon’s price. Motorola’s recommended price is $600 for the wifi only. On the other hand, Motorola did bend over for Verizon and let them release the 3g first.

  3. HetalDP
    March 10, 17:31 Reply

    ipad is by Stupids, for stupids and of the stupids like chowdry

    • Josh
      March 10, 19:49 Reply

      Me being an avid fan of Android AND Apple was getting ready to defend Honeycomb and Android but as a very happy owner of an iPad I must say that comments like yours are just rude. Show me an Android tablet from one single company that can match sales.

      • Anonymous
        March 10, 22:13 Reply

        A whole bunch of sheep buy a device because they don’t know any better. A device that is defective by definition because features (cameras) were left out of version 1 so people would come back and buy version 2.

        • Josh
          March 10, 22:40 Reply

          Thats absurd, but say what you must to make yourself feel better about buying a Xoom. I guess Apple really goofed with the first iPad, they forgot to add the camera so the other companies would have something to add to there tablets so they wouldn’t be a complete rip off. If you will excuse me, I think I might browse the thousands of apps in the app store, might stream some music wirelessly to my stereo with an improved AirPlay that just came with a SOFTWARE UPDATE! or I might watch a movie with Netflix and not even have to charge it until tomorrow night. Go ahead and watch a flash ad on your favorite porn site, just please, no pictures with those great cameras.

          By the way,

          • Gomez
            March 10, 23:52

            I agree Apple is the leader in marketing and when it comes down to android and their marketing, or putting out a product that is not finished, it makes people turn away. I baught the Xoom and returned it in a week. I would of loved to keep it but it had to many negatives( price being number 1) They should of had a wifi only and 16 gig starter for a less amount. But I guess they knew what they were doing. Now the Ipad 2 is out and its priced right, ive been with Android since the G1,mytouch 3g, Mytouch 4g, Galaxy S and Nexus One. Sold the Nexus to buy the Xoom and now Im considering on buying the 16gig Ipad2. Xoom failed me by not putting out something affordable. Some of the apps were crashing a lot and some just didnt work. And speacially now with all these “hackers” and malware it kind of sucks for Android but most people dont even know anyway.

          • Observant
            March 11, 22:51

            Just a few years ago it was Apple crying for the attention of fans. The company repeatedly bashing Microsoft in its ads. Stock shows proof of the victor in this war. I believe its Google with a 567 to 350 dollar a share advantage.

          • Teachonthego
            March 14, 12:48

            Do what I do. WAIT! Marketing buddy, marketing. The only reason the ipad 2 is cheaper is because the Xoom just came out at a higher price. I will likely get one this summer at a reasonable price. Wifi with -who cares- mini SD as I can buy a mini SD CHEAP online anyway.

          • Teachonthego
            March 14, 12:46

            Bottom line, Ipads are simply awesome. But, again, lacking. Netflix and Hulu are delayed but certainly soon to be available on Android. The Android market will match then surpass the Itunes market by late 2012, and 70% of Android apps are FREE vs. 30% apple apps.

            I think patience, insight, and forward thinking are qualities of a Xoom owner….more so for the person looking to the NEXT version of a Xoom. Ipads, again, awesome….but lacking.

      • Honeycomb FTW
        March 12, 03:11 Reply

        Don’t ifans always give the Ferrari vs Ford as an argument as to why Apple products sell less. . .

        I guess that’s true for the Xoom now 😉

        Looks like Apple is now the one racing to the bottom.

      • Teachonthego
        March 14, 12:42 Reply

        Matching sales is simply meaningless when discussing quality. Burger King probably sells more junk that a fruit retailer. Marketing, time of availability, and public “sheep” syndrome are why Ipads have higher sales. — Oh, real nice camera on the ipad, sd card? micro-SD? mini USB? hdmi? I love the Ipad, but sales figures don’t really point strictly to quality.

    • Anonymous
      March 10, 22:22 Reply

      Stop linking and visiting the little loser’s website! That’s exactly what he wants. Just like the little trolls who came to an Android blog just to post how much better Apple is in their eyes.

    March 10, 17:36 Reply

    check out their location, a residential area.

    must be some disgruntled former employee who can only be a ‘consultant’ because nobody will hire the guy.

    my analysis is ANDROID tablets will replace most laptops in the next five years or so and i didn’t stay at holiday inn express last night.

  5. Akhor
    March 10, 17:37 Reply

    … Google bought bumptop. I want that touch interface implemented. THEN I will be satisfied with the tablet market.

  6. ShortySk8n
    March 10, 17:48 Reply

    Trip might be right about 3.0? Then 3.0 would be like 2.1 & 1.5. None of them lasted long. Replaced by better versions.

  7. MarkA
    March 10, 18:39 Reply

    the only thing that will hold back the XOOM is the XOOM itself. If they over price and under deliver then it will fail. The G1 only started the revolution IMHO Android did not take off until better hardware and options showed up. The same can/will happen in the tablet side. Right now no matter what you do you will be judged against what is out there and currently that is viewed as POS windows tablets or iPads.

  8. Anonymous
    March 10, 18:40 Reply

    If this was coming from Gartner or IDC, OK that’s news. Some blowhard analyst from nowhere? Not even worth the pixels.

  9. Olddog
    March 10, 18:53 Reply

    I’m proud to be a geek. Better than a moron like Chowdhry.

  10. Nobuyuki Sakamoto
    March 10, 20:20 Reply

    What I’ve seen of Honeycomb on the Xoom is that it’s early, buggy, and unfinished. Mr. Chowdry has zero imagination to see that it will improve–eventually.

    If I were to look at any product thrown into the sales market too early, I would say that the prospects weren’t good but given some work to finish it, it might turn out okay. Six months from now, Honeycomb may/should be much better.

    • Observant
      March 11, 22:59 Reply

      You’ve said a lot without explaining how you’ve come to your conclusion. Where is the failure in the software? What’s unfinished? Android is open sourced which means anything can be corrected or improved. This is not so with IOS….. Provide stronger reasoning with hard evidence.

  11. Anonymous
    March 10, 22:15 Reply

    Why give this “anal-yst” any promotion by reporting on his comments? If we ignore him, he’ll go away, just like all the other trolls.

  12. Paxmos
    March 11, 02:18 Reply

    I love seeing fanboys fight over things that bring millions for Steve Job and alike and doesn’t put a penny in their pockets!!!

  13. Robert
    March 11, 04:26 Reply

    WoW just WoW.

    Someone needs to remove the apple from their anus and step back to reality.
    For every Iphone sold – an android phone is sold.

    Android already have their target audience.

    I know I wont buy an ipad over an android powered device. Because no matter how “broken” it may be 2 weeks after its release.

    its still better then an Ipad.

    • Josh
      March 11, 14:20 Reply

      I don’t have anything up my anus thank you, I have had Android phones since the G1 im now on my third Android powered device. I love Android, I love the fact that I just got done playing Starfox 64 on my phone!
      Im split between two platforms that I love, I love that im running a custom rom on my Vibrant that makes it better than my friends with iPhones and other Vibrants. What upsets me is the fact that Android fanboys have to slam Apple at every chance, yes Android powered phones sell better than iPhones, it has to happen. Apple is one company with one os and 2 carriers compared to HTC, Motorola, Samsung etc. show me an Android phone by one single company that can match the iPhone. I will continue to purchase Android handsets but until somebody can give me a good, well thought out reason other than iPad is for stupid people coming from people like yourself that can’t truly give a reason why an Android tablet is better I will continue to purchase iPads.

      • Adam
        March 13, 21:46 Reply

        Android fanboys will slam Apple fanboys and Apple fanboys will slam Android fanboys. The world continues to turn.

        The reason that I believe Android tablets are better than the iPad is the same reason I believe Android handsets are better than the iPhone, more user control and freedom.

        I highly doubt an single Android handset or tablet will outsell it’s Apple counterparts for two reasons. First, as others have said, Apple is a genius at marketing. They know how to draw consumers in. Secondly, while not “stupid”, Apple’s iOS is built for simplicity, which is what *a lot* of people like and what draws them to the iDevices. With that simplicity comes restrictions as Apple is controlling the entire iOS environment to provide that simplicity.

        I would venture to guess Apple’s user-base will generally be less tech-savy where as Android’s will be more tech-savy. This is not to say Apple fans are simple people, just that Apple tends to draw in such a crowd.

      • Anonymous
        March 13, 23:04 Reply

        in response to “show me an android phone by one single company that can match the iphone. ” , Isn’t that pretty much like saying “show me one single iphone model that can beat the sales of all iphone models put together”?

        Apple is the only one making and selling iphones, so OBVIOUSLY the iphone would be selling better than , say, the HTC evo.

        If you have a grocery store and you only sell apples, it’ll look to other stores like you sell way more apples than they do. Now start stocking bananas, and you’ll be surprised at how your apple sales go down because all of a sudden people have choices in fruit…

        If given a choice of hardware, people will buy what they want and you’ll never have one piece of hardware that stands head and shoulders above the rest, unless you only offer them one piece of hardware.

  14. Anonymous
    April 13, 08:17 Reply

    Well, Chowdy was soooooooo correct about Android itself being by geeks, for the geeks, and of the geeks back when the G1 phone came out. And that Android had no chance of mass adoption. Oh, wait, that didn’t happen… Android took over the smartphone market, besting Apple, RIM, Microsoft, Palm, and Nokia/Symbian. In less than two and a half years.

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