SCVNGR Team Releases LevelUp, Rewards Customers for Repeat Business

The team behind check-in service SCVNGR has released a new application into the Android Market today which combines checking in with rewards.  As they see it, applications and service like Groupon are great at getting customers in the door… once.  Beyond that, businesses have no way of knowing whether or not these folks come back.  That’s where LevelUp comes in.  Aimed at rewarding returning patrons, the deals get better with more visits.

First time customers get a “Try it deal” which gives you that one time deal that gets people in and buzzing.  Once they are all done, and walking away happy, a second “Like It” deal is unlocked and then, potentially a third “Love It” promotion.  The goal is to get you coming back over and over, with friends and family members.

Here’s the rub: As of today there are only two cities supported in LevelUp, Boston and Philadelphia. Don’t let that deter you though as it’s possible to cast a vote for your city directly through the app.

A quick glance through LevelUp and we can see that SCVNGR spent a great deal of time putting together a great looking, intuitive application.  Even though it’s not available in our neck of the woods just yet, we’ll probably be keeping this on our handset for a while. Note that the app works on all Android devices running 2.1 or higher.

Learn more about LevelUp at the official website!