Wave Launcher App Review [VIDEO]

Before you skip over this review because you love ADW Launcher EX or some other launcher, let me first say that is not a launcher, like a home screen launcher, its a launcher in the sense of quickly launching five applications. 

Now, Wave Launcher is a wave like pop up app bar. In a bit less confusing terms, you activate the “wave” by dragging up from the bottom of your screen or left/right, depending on your preference. Once your drag your finger, a bar with 5 (self set) applications will show up and you just drag your finger back and forth on the wave to select one of the applications. Believe me, its not as difficult as it sounds. If you are familiar with HP WebOS and the feature of dragging up to display your main applications, its just like that. Still confused? Probably, check out the video below for a non confusing explanation and demonstration of the app.



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  1. Plainbrad
    March 10, 17:25 Reply

    Ever since the return policy changed to 15 minutes, I’ve been afraid to ‘buy’ any apps. Even if they look interesting.

  2. thecolor
    March 10, 19:18 Reply

    I hope it’s nice… ’cause I did pay for it.. and now the market is “loading…” and I’ve definitely lost my 15 minute return time. I agree with @Plainbread I’m very skeptical about buying now with a crappy return time.

  3. Anonymous
    March 10, 19:48 Reply

    Hi Guys,
    Thanks for reviewing Wave Launcher. We’re putting a lot of effort into it. We have a great update coming tomorrow with more apps on the wave, better graphics effects, and Xoom support.

  4. Nycebo
    March 10, 19:54 Reply

    What calendar are you rocking?

  5. Kitsunisan
    March 10, 20:01 Reply

    Not bad, I was concerned about it getting in the way with swiping the secondary dock with adw, so I moved it to the side. It does Rene to interfere with the keyboard though.

  6. Kitsunisan
    March 10, 20:03 Reply

    How did the keyboard interpret “tend” to be “Rene”?

  7. Anonymous
    March 11, 02:22 Reply

    I tried a similar app to this (can’t remeber the name, but it was the same thing with a grid) and just found that I didn’t need it. I already have so many ways to get to my apps.

  8. Alsmurf
    March 15, 08:34 Reply

    Who do we complain to about that? That cut-down try-out time takes half of what makes the Android App market so great. Does anyone know, who would someone contact to voice their discontent as a consumer with this?

  9. Tina
    March 23, 05:57 Reply

    Hello Phil, great work, can you write a review for our android apps, hope we can have further communication. lol….

  10. Moitoi
    March 28, 22:35 Reply

    You complain because Google lets us try/use an app with the ability to return it if you don’t like it ??? $00.99 is Too Much ??? Get real …

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