WinAmp Goes 1.0 for Android

Nullsoft, the makers of WinAmp (and owned by AOL), have announced today that they have upgraded their popular music player app for Android to 1.0 today, giving users a bunch of new features.

Added into the app is the ability to download and stream music from Spinner which is a nice addition, but they have also polished up their WiFi Syncing of music to your Android device, which is very handy indeed.  You can see a full gallery of screen shots by clicking here, go update or download the app by using our handy dandy new app box below!




  • Brian

    I see Shoutcast support is supposed to be in this but I’ll be darned if I can find it. How do I access a Shoutcast radio stream?

  • TONS of comments on the market rating feedback posts about permissions.. lots of peeps uninstalling due to privacy concerns… i think i’ll wait to update… i still have 2Player to stream music off my nas box for now… works well by the way…

  • Anonymous

    Why do all these apps need to know who’s calling me? It says it can read phone state and identity; but then they all say that. But Lose Amp also has access to “sensitive log data”. What the hell is that about?

  • Anonymous

    Yeah.. what is this “sensitive log data” all about???… will refuse to update and will save the old version just in case..