Download This: Seek Droid

Seek Droid is a utility that will help you find your phone when it has been lost or stolen.

When you first open the app after installing it, Seek Droid prompts you to create a user name and password. From there, you can basically forget it’s there until you happen to lose track of your phone. At that point, just visit from another computer and login; GPS tracking of your phone will start right away, with the location plotted on a map.

In addition, you can sound an alarm on the phone (even if the phone is muted), send a message to be displayed on the screen, view the most recent inbound and outbound calls, set a new screen lock code, and even wipe the phone if necessary–all from the web interface. We tested it out and all these features worked well. Except wiping the phone– we didn’t test that.

There are other apps with similar features, but Seek Droid is only $0.99, cheap compared with, for example, Lookout’s $2.99 recurring monthly fees.

Seek Droid requires Android 2.2 or higher. As you might imagine, an app like this requires some heavy duty permissions; you’ll have to authorize Seek Droid as a device administrator to use all the functionality.

But for just a buck, it does buy you a lot of peace of mind.