Maintenance Update for Swype Beta Released

We’ve just gotten word from the geniuses at Swype, who tell us that their Swype Beta keyboard has gotten an upgrade. It fixes several bugs, such as:

  • The hidden word tip window has been removed
  • Contact names that are deleted from the dictionary won’t be re-added every time
  • Swype Beta now supports additional resolutions, such as QVGA, WQVGA, WSVGA, and qHD
  • The accuracy of prediction won’t degrade over time

They’ve made a note that devices running Android 2.3.3 won’t be able to double-tap to edit a word, as they’ve removed this feature for that Android version until they can get it fully functioning. So, if your device is using Swype Beta, head on over to this page on your Android device to download the new Swype keyboard. Enjoy, and leave your comments below! Are you a fan of Swype?

  • if swyping “to” can stop spelling “tyo”, that’d et me back on board, but ultra keyboard is king

  • Recluse52

    Does this apply to pre installed swypes?

    • Chopper Joe

      This is for the beta version only, which is a separate program (I have both versions installed). You have to be signed up to get the beta.

  • RoyalWitCheese

    Or instead of visiting the webpage – Uninstall Swype. Then run Swype Installer.

  • User1231

    What about letting us manually edit the word dictionary and turn off word learning. If i want to ADD a word to swype I’ll add it manually.

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