October 25, 2014

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 Not so Thin After All?

As some of you may have seen earlier this week, Samsung posted a teaser image for their upcoming CTIA Tab announcement.  After a quick glance at the picture, many readers noticed how thin the tablet appeared to be.  Wow!  If that thing is thickest at the 3.5mm headphone jack, then this thing is going to be super thin! Right?  Wrong. Samsung is just really good at Photoshop and hiding things in the shadows.

We received an email this morning from a reader who decided to look a little closer at the picture.  As you’ll see below, the tablet is somewhat thicker than initially thought.  At an estimated average of 10mm thick (12mm at headphone jack), it is just a shade thicker than the iPad 2 (8.63mm).  Nevertheless, we’re still excited to see what’s under the hood come CTIA.

Thanks to charlie j for the work!