WiFi-Only Xoom Hitting Stores March 27 at $600?

We got confirmation from Motorola‘s Sanjay Jha last month that the WiFi version of the popular Xoom tablet would be launching with a $600 price tag. Well, according to the guys over at Electronista, the WiFi Xoom will indeed cost 600 clams, and they’ve even gotten a rumored release date: March 27. A leaked Staples flyer puts the Xoom up for sale on March 27, at $600, so it looks like we may just get what we want by the end of Q1. Again, this is only a rumor, so we advise you to take this with a grain of salt until we get an official word from Motorola.

One has to wonder if the WiFi Xoom will launch with Flash 10.2, which will be rolling out to existing Xooms on Friday, March 18. If the rumor is legit, we can only hope that Moto will ship the WiFi Xoom with Flash 10.2 capabilities. More on this as it develops. Anyone planning to pick up a WiFi Xoom? Sound off in the comments below!

  • im getting the wifi version i hope this is true

  • John Sheridan

    Not till these cheese balls get less greedy and more competitive.

  • The smart executive

    Why would I spend $100 more on the Xoom, when I can buy an iPad 2. Hello Moto….heat up the tablet wars by pricing it competitively.

    • Farse1227

      Because the iPad 2 is inferior

    • Therealistword

      The Xoom may be priced slightly higher by $100, but that’s only if you compare it to the $499 16GB iPad 2. The 32GB iPad 2 and 32GB Xoom are actually priced at the same exact mark.

  • Farse1227

    I’m picking up the WiFi only version… hopefully from sams fro 539 if that was real

  • Bob123

    I’m with the others above. $499 would be the sweet spot but why spend $599 for this when you can get a iPas2 or a Samsung Tab for much less. I am most likely going with the Nook Color, its all I need. I don’t need a tablet for GPS, or making calls, or chatting, texting, or reading emails. My SGS does that. I would use this for watching videos on the toilet, or reading news on the toilet… playing games…on the toilet. But I was thinking, I don’t go to the toilet that much. I could save some money and just get what I need, a Nook Color. Rooted. With Honey Comb.

    • Monkeymaster9797

      you say itd be beter to get a ipad 2 fro 5 hundred but the xoom ships with 32 gb internal memory and can be extended with a memory card. the ipad two costs 600 for the 32gb wifi . so its the same price technically.

      • “can be extended with a memory card”

        You should add “more-or-less” to that, as in it more-or-less extends the storage as long as something is capable of using the extended storage. As I’ve found, not much is able to use the card.

  • Honeycomb is like Android 1.0. It’s beta software. As good as the Xoom specs are, it just looks bad compared to iPad 2. And $100 premium for cheapest model won’t help. Where are the inexpensive Android tablets?

    • Like others have mentioned, it’s only a $100 premium when comparing it to the 16 GB iPad. When you compare it to the 32 GB iPad, they’re priced the same.

      There are plenty of cheapo Android tablets out there (not running 3.0 of course) that are sub $200, but I’d imagine they’re pretty slow/bad.

      • Most people don’t shop like that, though. They’ll compare the cheapest XOOM with the cheapest iPad, and see that the established name that all their friends have is also $100 cheaper.

  • Tercruz714

    I have android everything but turned to the dark side, I bought the white 64g iPad2.. I played with the xoom for a few days and its so buggy, not worth it.

  • It’s still $129 too expensive, as other have pointed out it doesn’t matter that it’s the same price as the 32GB iPad2, it’s the cheapest Xoom and it’s $100 more than the cheapest iPad2, only Android enthusiasts will pick up at this price.

    They should have made a 16GB model and priced it at $479, that would be the only way to compete effectively.

  • I baught the 800 Xoom and returned it a week later, what does it cost Moto to replace the 32gb into a 16gb? Its going to cost them lots of lost sales because people are uninformed, they dont do research before they go out and buy a product. WE DO not everybody else.
    1. We need more apps speacially NETFLIX WhereTheFuk are u guys? Copyrights my ass.
    2.Bugs fixed.
    3. Once Playstation brings on the games to XOOM it should add lots of extras, they should add a external control for gaming. I tried connecting the Wiimote app and it wasnt working right for the emulators.
    4. MicroSd functional. i already have an extra 16gb microsd around.
    5. Better Video quality support. (avi files sucked on xoom had trouble finding apps to play them and when i found the app the video was lagging and the color was not all their.

    These i think are all bugs that can be worked out and make the Xoom better.

  • Anonymous

    Glad to see that Android tablet manufactureres price themselves out of the competion specially MOTO is not worth it..

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