HTC Thunderbolt Sounds Locked for a March 17th Launch

The latest batch of rumors, which sound pretty convincing, are pegging the HTC Thunderbolt with a March 17th release date.  Should these (finally) prove to be true, you’ll have something else to do on St. Pattie’s Day besides drinking green beer.  HTC threw a quick blurb on their Facebook page over the weekend telling everyone that they and Verizon will be announcing the date “soon”.  Couple that with a now-deleted tweet from an HTC regional sales manager specifically saying that the phone is coming on the 17th and we feel pretty good about the date.  Of course, we’v been burned with more than a few slipped dates so you’ll understand if we still hold a slight reservation.

  • Zomg

    Old news.

  • Porno

    Could you be more specific about the “latest batch of rumors”? Maybe mention BMX or Bennnn over on Android central..

  • Yomama

    does eveyone just read each others articles and then reatet it in different words. Find something new or don’t write anything. Old, old , old news.

  • Omahawaiting.

    I’ll wait for my email/text from Verizon stating that the phone is going to be released. Signed up for that back at the beginning of Feb. When someone posts they have an email, they believe.

  • Thisnonesense

    Manager in a VZ Wireless store in Rockville, MD said that they should have Thunderbolt in stock by Wednesday…thats all he knew/could tell me.

  • Dvn

    It’s a good marketing campaign

    • Yakri


      It’s a god damn awful marketing campaign, pissing people off and making them switch to other phones/wireless providers.

      Which is probably because it isn’t a marketing campaign.

  • IwannSeeMore

    RE Dig You Less headlines just 4 a click. Been saying same thing different day for a month.

  • Guest

    It’s “St. Paddy’s Day” man! Not “St. Pattie’s Day”. St. Patrick wasn’t Jamaican, dude. Come on…

    • Danford884

      It’s actually St. Patty’s Day

      • IwannaSeeMore

        Actually in Ireland, it is St. Paddy, as Patty is a girls name…look into it b4 posting.

  • JT

    Wow, HTC lost me. After doing loads of research and hands-on testing I went with the iPhone. I originally wanted a Thunderbolt but they lost me after all of this BS! Couldn’t wait any longer…

    • Yakri

      Thats too bad, considering the bullshit came from bloggers– not HTC.

  • These TB updates sound like a broken record. Even if they release it on the 17th, I heard they would be rolling out updates in April to “fix” the “cause” of the delay. Would it not be easier to wait until there is a “fix” for the issues before releasing the phone?

    • ncgirl

      I would much rather have the phone now with an update to come so that I can go ahead and upgrade from my current phone.

    • Jibb2424

      I spoke to corporate…the person who works with the ceo of Verizon. She assured me that there are no issues with the phone.

  • Guest

    I am truly concerned with purchasing a TB fearing the reasons for over a month delay in the release of the phone. If the report of a 2 hour battery life was fixed, what do they consider fixed? 4 hours? Skype has been removed for the photos of the phone as an AP and who knows what other problems the phone will have. The VZ iPhone 4 has signal problems as found by Consumer Reports yet there is no discussion of doing anything to correct that. I need a new phone because my battery is at the end of its life and I hate to spend $80 for a battery and then a week later pay $300 for a new phone. Would prefer a more options for 4G phones also

    • Yakri

      The battery life issue was apparently a problem with skype. If they removed it, then there won’t be any, and if it’s fixed, I would probably think it was pretty damned fixed, considering how much time they spent on it.

      Furthermore, since it’s a software issue, you can probably do a work around to entirely get rid of it on the user-end, if it turns out not to be fixed enough for you.

  • Blue3388

    it’s not coming out the 17th

  • kalel51

    Old tweet means squat. phone in hand, that is how you will now it was released.

  • IwannaSeeMore

    ok it is on sale 2 night on wirefly pre order to deliver on 3-17 fed ex notice the red box on top left of video at about 14 seconds