Leaked Staples Lineup Shows Eight Android Tablets Due by June


The first half of 2011 looks to be shaping up quite nicely over at Staples as the tablet lineup just leaked to the internet.  Joining the Wi-Fi-only Motorola XOOM )due later this month) are 10-inch offerings from Dell, Acer, Toshiba, and HTC. Each is expected to run Honeycomb and have targeted June launch dates.  Before summer rolls around however, there are 7-inch models from Dell (Streak 7), Acer, and Samsung (Galaxy Tab).  You’ll notice that the document shown above comes from DroidLife and matches up quite nicely with a nearly identical PreCentral list.

This is the first we’ve heard of a retailer offering some of these models so we’ll be watching closely over the next few weeks.  With CTIA on deck next week, we’re hoping to hear some announcements around a few of these tablets.  Which size and hardware maker excites you most?


  1. “Which size and hardware maker excites you most?”
    Hard to say, there’s no pricing information, so I can’t tell if the manufacturers have stopped trying to be Apple…

    (I’m waiting for a tablet with 3 features: 1- < $200US 2- Includes GPS and "wifi" 3- Rootable/upgradeable. I don't care if it's a cheap resistive touchscreen, I don't care if it has 3G, I certainly don't care if it has "MOTOBLUR®" or "Sense".)

    There are a few less expensive tablets that come close (Archos' smaller media players would work if they had GPS, the Huawei tablet that "Best Buy" sells would be attractive if it were about $100 less on sale. If the Nook Color had GPS I'd consider it, too.) but it looks like I'll probably be waiting up to another year or so before what I'm looking for starts appearing on the market.

      • Actually, yes, for portrait mode. Same reason I have my 1600×1200 monitors (an endangered species as well) in portrait mode: I do more reading than watching, and I’d rather read A4 or Letter than Legal. Nothing against “widescreen”, I’d just like a bit of variety with my Android. I’m sure there are iFans out there screaming –albeit silently into their pillows– for a 16:9~10 iPad, but they don’t seem to be hurting sales.