PicPlz Adds New Features: Borders and Collections

Photosharing app PicPlz, on the heels of a complete redesign just last month, has added two new features in an update to the app: borders and collections.

The new borders features adds several options to the list of features so that you can put a white or black border with rounded or sharp corners on the photo you’re sharing.

Collections are a powerful, new way to curate and organize photos in PicPlz: you can pull together a bunch of PicPlz photos– your own and/or those others shared–together into a collection on a specific theme, and then share a link to that collection. In addition, you can give other users the ability add photos to a collection as well. That way, a whole family could contribute to photos from a vacation, or a group of co-workers could pull together photos from an event.

In a blog post about the new features, PicPlz provided a few examples of collections they’ve made, including ones on a couple of my personal favorite themes for photos I take: dogs and food.


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  1. Anonymous
    March 14, 13:47 Reply

    The only reason I tried PicPlz was their Dropbox integration. I ditched it once I saw that it shares all of your photos with the entire internet, and gives you zero options for keeping them private. No thanks.

    Now I’m using DropIn, which does nothing but put my photos in Dropbox. That’s what I wanted, so I could say goodbye to PicPlz.

    • Chuck Falzone
      March 14, 15:09 Reply

      Well, yeah, the idea of PicPlz is public photo sharing. Glad to hear, though, that you found another app that does what you were looking for.

      • Anonymous
        March 14, 15:17 Reply

        It’s true, and I don’t really fault it for that. It was mostly the fault of whatever post it was where I first read about the service. The post was about how they’d added Dropbox as a service, and coming from a place of syncing your photos to you computer without having to plug in over USB. It wasn’t until I actually signed up and took a picture that I found out there was no way to keep my photos private.

        I still think they should let you be able to do that. I have no interest in sharing my photos with everyone, but I’d like the web integration and the ability to add filters to my pictures. I have another app for that too, though…

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