Sprint Making it Easier to Become Their Customer

If you have been considering switching over to Sprint as your mobile carrier, (I know I have been, sorry T-mo, you are the only carrier with no 3G and no service in my home area), now may be the time to do it.  Sprint is right now offering people who have smartphone contracts with other carriers $125 for each number ported over.  If you are a non-smartphone user, they are offering $50.  Check out the quote from Sprint’s posting on their site:

Just bring your number from another carrier to Sprint and activate a smartphone, like the Samsung Epic™ 4G, on a new line and we’ll give you a $125 service credit. Not ready for a smartphone? We’ll give you a $50 service credit when you port your number from another carrier and activate one of our other fabulous phones. Either way, you win.

  • $125 service credit per line for each smartphone
  • $50 service credit per line for other phones

Not too shabby of a deal, but there are some terms and conditions so make sure you totally understand everything if you initiate the deal. With HTC set to release some new handsets, it could be a very appealing deal indeed to take up!  Let us know if you are planning on taking advantage of this!

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  1. Jim
    March 14, 14:53 Reply

    Can’t wait until the other carriers match this, then I’ll ditch Sprint!

  2. Ilya Eliseev
    March 14, 22:48 Reply

    So is WiMax a battery drainer as people say ? I would switch, I am quite happy with 3G+ from Tmo

    • Nobuyuki Sakamoto
      March 15, 01:37 Reply

      I believe it’s no worse than 3G in 2005/2006 when it was fresh or LTE. Besides, the displays are much more of a power drain when active.

  3. Anonymous
    March 16, 01:18 Reply

    Love Sprint all you can eat voice, txt, and especially data. Take note Verizon/ATT. We wouldn’t be cap!

  4. Anonymous
    March 16, 01:18 Reply

    Love Sprint all you can eat voice, txt, and especially data. Take note Verizon/ATT. We wouldn’t be cap!

  5. Todd Lyden
    March 26, 12:59 Reply

    Does talk really cost $40/month more than their own carrier Virgin?

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