Twelve Minute Video Demo of Galaxy Tab 10.1 Shows a Sleek, Powerful Tablet [VIDEO]

The chaps at AndroidHD were able to score some time with the upcoming Samsung Galaxy 10.1 tablet where, thankfully, they recorded the experience for the rest of us. In fact, they did one better, turning their day with the tablet into a twelve minute video showcasing all the features of the device. Set to music, we get to see all the various ways in which the unit comes in handy. In case you didn’t know why you need a tablet.

We’re really excited to see the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and whatever else might be up Samsung’s sleeves.  As much as enjoyed the original Tab, it felt like a large smart phone experience.  Android 3.0 looks to make things much better, taking advantage of the dual-core processor, 8-megapixel camera, and more.

Any of you guys or gals looking to pick one of these up when it becomes available on your favorite carrier?

Image Source: AndroidHD

  • Did they really need to show the guy in the bathroom?

  • I am unspeakably sad to see the 7″ tablets fall away. Both of my children bought themselves Archos A70s, and they love them. They are the perfect size, I like everything about them, but I need more power than the Archos 8th generation tablets can deliver.

  • Scea67

    Gee what are they going to do with all the 7 inch Galaxy tabs they didnt sell !!!

  • grants04

    This tab looks great! I can’t wait. I hope they get the pricing right. Motorola really missed its opportunity with the $800 price point for the Xoom.

  • Michalp

    WIFI?!?! why on earth do they not release a wifi version? I can always tether it to my phone.

  • The video makes Honeycomb look great, so it’s helped convince me to buy a tablet, but there is no way it will be a Samsung Tablet after the train wreck that is my GT-i9000m

  • F_all_iStuff

    i love it and I am getting one “F” the ipad……I love that this video was 12 minutes long and thanks to google. Actually showed the product and what it can do for the average user.