Facebook for Android Updated

The Facebook for Android app has been updated once again. This update brings, among bug fixes and such, the ability to post pictures on a friend’s wall or on a group’s wall. It’s also worth noting that the photos will now upload in the correct orientation, so you don’t have to fool around with rotating pictures to get them into an album. Finally, they’ve improved landscape mode within the app, and security has been improved as well, via SSL. Well, that’s about all. If you haven’t updated the app, you can use the box below to update it via the Android Market or AppBrain.


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  1. Yankeero
    March 16, 02:44 Reply

    constant force close on HTC incredible.. uninstalled update!!

  2. Travis
    March 16, 07:25 Reply

    Screw Facebook they never had love for us Android folks. It seems like Android gets the crappy app and the Iphone app is way better. Android Rules !!!!!!!

  3. nery
    March 16, 12:04 Reply

    update is really bad, it’s more of a DOWNgrade

  4. Madgirl
    March 16, 12:56 Reply

    It keeps force closing now. Update sucks

  5. Nmuncer
    March 17, 10:45 Reply

    If they could allow a move to SD, that would be nice

  6. Terry T6832
    May 27, 00:21 Reply

    I am not able to find a “like” button when I use the mobile app. 

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