Google Enhances Android Developer Dashboard with Expanded Stats

Android developers logging into the application dashboard will find themselves looking at a host of new and expanded data.  A new “Statistics” mark greets developers immediately upon entering the Developer Console whereupon they can dive deep into where their app goes.  Want to know which handsets are running your app?  What about which languages are the most popular?  How nice would it be to see exactly which versions of Android are most popular among your users?  Yep, it’s all there.  

Perhaps the most helpful feature in all of this is the cumulative installs sliding calendar which can be broken down into segments ranging from one day to a year or beyond.  This will prove beneficial to developers looking to see how updates impact their app as well as whether new versions of Android play a role.

For those of you who publish an Android application, the statistics should be there for you the next time you log into the Developer Console!

Thank you for the tip, Alex L!

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  1. Gareth Hunt
    March 16, 02:08 Reply

    Better informed market research will help developers fine tune their quality apps. And ‘quality’ apps is the keyword here. Android needs more quality apps – it’s ecosystem means there is a wide variety of different phones, tablets even set-top-boxes coming soon but what it needs are more qualitative apps. The consumer sector will grow this year for Android and they will cement their Number One smartphone OS status in 2011 but they need to work hard on the enterprise/b2b sector and this is where informed information like this will help. To read my blog on this visit

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