Amazon Appstore Titles, Prices Leak

Signs are piling up that Amazon’s challenger to the Android Market will be launching very soon. Last week, we heard that the latest Angry Birds app will launch exclusively on Amazon’s Appstore, and on Friday, the online retailer launched a Twitter account called @amazonappstore. Now, it’s been discovered that a URL for the Appstore is (perhaps accidentally) live, letting us in on at least some of the titles that will be available at launch, as well as how they’ll be priced.

German site had the smart idea of adding /apps on the end of, and found that, if logged out of Amazon, they actually got a list of Android apps to browse through. We’ve confirmed that it works, but only some of the time; try it yourself at

While reported seeing 48 apps, we found 49, and it wasn’t simply a case of one more being added– we saw several that they did not, including Fruit Ninja, Radiant HD and Advanced Task Manager Pro.

Also interesting was pricing on the apps– we knew that Amazon would be tweaking prices of apps on its platform, and in many cases apps listed were a slightly different price than in the Android Market. put together a spreadsheet comparing these prices.

Clicking on any of the apps, one just ends up at Amazon’s home page, so it’s clearly not fully launched yet, but that can’t be far off. We’d heard it’d launch this month, and that seems even more likely now.



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  • It redirects to now — looks like they made a mistake and fixed it quickly.

  • Trev186

    Multiple app stores just seems stupid to me

    • I guess you do all your shopping at Walmart then.