Droid 3 Caught on Camera

It was just yesterday that we heard about several new Verizon handsets, including the grandson of the OG Droid, the Droid 3. And today, we have photos of the little whippersnapper, including the one above that shows off a swanky five-row keyboard.

Hit the break for a couple more poses, then let us know what you think!

Source: Howard Forums via Droid Life

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  1. Terrormaster
    March 16, 13:35 Reply

    Love the formfactor but if it has Blur and/or a locked bootloader I’m gonna pass. Watching this one but have zero faith in Motorola at this point.

  2. Jones
    March 16, 13:39 Reply

    If this doesn’t have a locked bootloader, nothing in the world will stop me from purchasing one.

  3. Robert Aitchison
    March 16, 15:00 Reply

    Love the 5 row keyboard and HDMI port, if it’s got an unlocked bootloader and is stock Android I will have my mom pick one up to replace her OG Droid.

  4. Carhauler1969
    March 16, 15:41 Reply

    Looks pretty sweet!!! Just upgraded Mom’s Eris Monday to a Droid X!!!

  5. mjcrew85
    March 16, 17:52 Reply

    Hoping for stock 2.4, dual core chipset, DDR2, and maybe LTE (now that it looks like it’s going to be $30 unlimited)

  6. Lolthisismyname
    March 17, 18:12 Reply

    Decent keyboard but I’m never buying another crappy locked down Motorola phone ever again. I’ll be getting an HTC phone next time I upgrade.

  7. MichaelLandon
    April 12, 10:39 Reply

    If this has an unlocked bootloader it will replace my droid 1, if not I will get something else that will allow me to run cyanogenmod

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