October 25, 2014

Motorola Atrix Sees AT&T Navigator 2.2 Update; We Celebrate with FREE Copies of TeleNav GPS

Some of you may recall hearing back in January that AT&T customers would be among the first to see the latest release of TeleNav GPS Navigator. Released as a standalone application in the Android Market (TeleNav 6.2), it is known to AT&T customers as simply AT&T Navigator. The Motorola Atrix, which was released with a previous version of the GPS app, is now getting its 2.2 update this week. We’re guessing a few of you already know the news and have been using the application on your daily commute. For those of you who didn’t know, all you need to do is open the app and look for the update. The rest is straightforward.

As a refresher, TeleNav 6.2 features a number of improvements over its previous release. Details include multiple route suggestions, quick search, and faster routing and search results. We definitely recommend downloading and trying the service out as it’s gotten us out of a couple of Google Maps Navigator Beta pinches.

Here’s a quick demo of the app running on the Motorola Atrix!

So, on to that contest. We’re giving away three one-year copies of TeleNav GPS to help you out of your own pickles. What do you need to do to enter? Oh, that’s fun. We want to hear a quick blurb about some travel problems you have had along the way. Vacation from Hell, wrong turns gone bad, or an accident on your way to work. Whatever, just make it fun! Leave the comments below with your best tales. We have no way of verifying the truth in these so feel free to embellish. We’ll randomly draw three winners names on March 23rd and notifying via email. Make sure that you leave us a valid email address so we can get back to you.

Here’s the best part – It works for every major carrier in the US now, including Verizon!  Let’s hear those stories!