Netflix App Found in LG Revolution System Dump

AndroidPolice recently posted a full system dump of the upcoming 4G LG Revolution for Verizon Wireless. Through this dump, all seemed pretty normal, until a Netflix app was found. After testing this application, it works! Well, except for streaming video, which is probably the part you’re most interested in.

We now have a somewhat unofficial official Netflix app for Android. Remember that this is just a leak found in a system dump and may not be final software, so take it with a grain of salt.

Click on through to see a video of the app and download it yourself.

Download the app now: HERE (courtesy of AndroidPolice)



Source: AndroidSPIN

  • Guest

    Doesn’t install on 1.6… and the warning message is written in some foreign language, like Chinese or something. Are you sure this is really from Netflix? If not, you’re going to trust some stranger with your login info?

  • used the QR code, on Vibrant running Froyo I get the error message saying that the content is not supported on the phone.

  • BTS

    Does not work on HTC Magic with 2.1, error parsing.

  • Anonymous

    I’m glad to see an Android app from Netflix, however you can get Netflix, Hulu and a lot more with the new Android app from Playon to watch Hulu and Netflix on Android devices like this..