SPB Tablet UI, a Custom Honeycomb Launcher Concept

There’s an overload of third-party launchers in the Market, but there’s no custom launcher available for Honeycomb. Of course that’s not strange, considering that the first Honeycomb device, the XOOM, has only be released for a few weeks. Regardless, I’d love to see what developers are going to do with the possibilities Honeycomb offers.

Well, here’s a first glimpse: Android Community has gotten their hands on a concept video of SPB for tablets. What’s even more interesting is that they’re working with OEMs to get this on devices out-of-the-box. Even if it means more fragmentation, I really can’t wait! Want to see what it’ll look and act like? Watch the video after the break.


Source: Android Community

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  1. Anonymous
    March 16, 12:17 Reply

    How exactly does this mean more fragmentation? If it is only a launcher then it is a self-contained, drop-in replacement application for the stock launcher. It iss no different than downloading a launcher on a pre-3.0 device and setting it as the default. The underlying APIs and framework remain exactly the same as bone stock 3.0.

  2. Jake
    March 16, 14:49 Reply

    Lately I’ve been railing on Android for not “getting” that the user experience, not just specs, is critical to success and mainstream acceptance. That’s the key to Apple’s success. If someone can get Honeycomb to look and operate like this concept video, I’ll be the first in line!

  3. Jake
    March 16, 14:54 Reply

    That looks freakin’ sweet! If it actually comes to be, then I’ll be the first in line for an Android tablet!

  4. TeaMJPx
    April 28, 00:52 Reply

    Freakin Awesome!!! I want it on my A500!!! When can I get it??? This looks soooo sexy… jejeje

  5. dandyroi
    October 13, 12:47 Reply

    Thanks so much! Really wanted it on my Galaxy S2 but didn’t feel like paying that much for a launcher :)

    • plainjane
      October 13, 12:49 Reply

      This is a tablet launcher so it won’t work on your phone

  6. dandyroi
    October 13, 12:50 Reply

    I c. My bad :P Would really like to see a phone version of this

  7. Hihah
    January 13, 06:42 Reply

    where can i download it ????????

    it looks great

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