Android 2.3 Bests iPhone in Browser Battle

Blaze, a company designed to help clients optimize their websites,  recently conducted study of mobile browsers to see which was faster.  Pitting Android 2.3 against iOS 4.3 there could only be one winner.  If you read the headline coming in, you already know what happens.  Let’s break the details down a bit though, shall we?

After 45,000 page loads it was found that Android’s browser is a “whopping” 52% faster than the iPhone browser.  In fact, when tested across the Fortune1000 websites, Android came out on top 84 percent of the time.  To be fair, the iPhone’s median load time (3.254 seconds) is very close to the Android median load time (2.144 seconds).  In real world scenarios, one second longer is negligible.   The tests were conducted on multiple phones with both Wi-Fi and 3G connections with no other applications running in the background.

The full set of findings is a good read and really details how the study was conducted.  It’s definitely worth a few minutes of your time.

Via: TheNextWeb

  • Bignastystevejobbs

    Im furious about this! but its ok il blame the consumers again like i did with the anatenna problem.

    Steve Jobbs

  • Markwill62

    Would you expect anything else…Apple is a computer hardware/software company and Google is an Internet Software company…U do the math!

  • MW

    forgot to mention that Google is COOL:)

  • Both browsers are nice and offer great features Speed is not the only factor. Android browser scores 93/100 on the acid3 tests.. IOS scores 100/100. Pinch to zoom formats better on ios. Android has Flash though. its a give and take. So I don’t think a few milliseconds will kill anyone.

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