Rumor: Moto Making Rugged, PTT, CDMA Andy For Sprint

A little birdie (not of the “Angry” type)  has informed us that some Sprint managers have been receiving emails from Motorola regarding an upcoming phone launch that will require an in-store advocate. Since Motorola makes nearly all of the Sprint/Nextel iDEN phones, this wouldn’t seem like such a big deal.

However, according to our sources, Motorola specifically mentioned that the device would be for “the Sprint side of things.” This means that the product would have to be CDMA based. The last one of those that I can remember Motorola producing for Sprint was the Moto Q9c. That was way back in 2007. Since then, nothing (the i1 is an iDEN device). One could also assume this mystery device to be just another feature phone. This, however, seems highly unlikely due to the need for an in-store advocate. That sorta thing is usually reserved for bigger deal smartphones.

Here’s what I’m getting at…

We know that Sprint just let loose details of their next generation PTT (Push-To-Talk) service that will run on their CDMA network. It’s rumored that one of their launch devices will run Android. Motorola is the leading producer of PTT phones for Sprint/Nextel’s iDEN network. They have also already demonstrated an Android based PTT design with the rugged i1. If we put all of this together, it seems plausible that Sprint will be launching a rugged, Android powered, Motorola, PTT smartphone in the not so distant future. Based on the other phones Motorola has been launching as of late, it would also make sense for this to be a pretty well spec’d device.

How ’bout that for a rumor? Take it with a grain of whatever sodium based compound you prefer. We’ve never seen anything like this in the high-end Android segment. Perhaps this could be another one of Sprint‘s “firsts.” Let’s see if this speculation holds up. After all, CTIA is just around the corner.