Tutorial: Windows Phone 7 Theme for Android [VIDEO]


Love Android but really want to try Windows Phone 7 because of those tiles? We have the solution! After downloading a few apps and tweaking some settings you can obtain a full Windows Phone 7 theme for your Android device(s).

This tutorial will cover WP7 Lock screen, WP7 Launcher, WP7 Keyboard, and custom notification colors (CM7 ONLY). This will be somewhat easy but require a bit of Android OS knowledge so skeptical user be sure to bone up a bit first.  You’ll find the theme is very cool, although cool doesn’t always come free and neither does this theme. If you want your phone to look identical to mine, you will have to drop about $11 into this, but there are always free version alternatives as well.  And it’s worth noting that you do not need each piece to make your phone look awesome.



Watch to video below to learn how to configure all the settings and make this theme come to life.



  1. Um no thank you. That mess looks seriously fugly. Windows is ok on a pc…. not on a phone. Windows has never been good on a phone….. why would I ruin my android by putting that on it?… answer I wouldn’t!!

  2. honestly the metro UI app is a joke, i use the launcher 7 app and it’s insanly better, and has widget support as well: https://market.android.com/details?id=info.tikuwarez.launcher3

    just for the record, launcherpro is my main launcher, but my girlfriend, is well, touchscreen literate, so i turn launcher 7 on when were on trips together so it’s a little easier for her. I also use it as a car home with shortcuts to voice search and the main people i call. Just an awesome app.

  3. sorry but where did you get that different face sticky notes wallpaper from???! i really want it. tried searching it in google but cant find it……… any suggestions? thank you.xx