Check Out the New Angry Bird Rio!

There has been a lot of talk and hype around the upcoming new title in the Angry Birds franchise, which of course is Angry Bird Rio.  We have seen some screens, as well as hearing the news that the game is being coupled with an upcoming feature movie,  (Which I think is a huge step forward for mobile gaming, but we have not seen a more in depth look at the gameplay in action.  That is until SXSW hit this year and RCRWireless got some time with Ville Heijari who is Rovio’s “Bird Whisperer”.  Check out the full vid after the break, credit goes to Pocket Gamer for the lead.   [youtube][/youtube]

  • Anonymous

    “Available for Android exclusively.” How ’bout that, iNerds?

    • Cheese

      Uh uh…. Iphone to!

    • Seymaiuto93

      It’s coming out for iPhone also…

    • Apple

      Wow, shutup. its coming to iphone soon.

  • Josh

    Soo….its the exact same game…

  • Slabaar

    i just downloaded for my ipod 10 min ago

  • Slabaar

    i just downloaded for my ipod 10 min ago

  • Divider

    It’s already on iOS moron.

  • Anonymous

    not only is it on iOS already, it’s already a mac app as well. Too bad droid-nerds. You lose, yet again. No one will make an exclusive for your buggy fragmented “platform”.