Interesting Rumor/Idea: Is Amazon Working on an Android Powered Kindle?


There is an interesting idea presented in a post over at the New York Times blog system, talking about the fact that Amazon has posted five new job openings, looking for Android devs. The most notable thing is that the job listings are inside “Lab 126”, which is the division of Amazon is that is responsible for making the Kindle itself.

This begs the question of course, is Amazon gearing up to compete with the Nook Color, and present the market place with another quality low cost tablet? Or are they simply beefing up their staff to bring some changes to it’s Kindle app on the Android platform?

I very much think that they could indeed be working on a “Color Kindle” if you will, especially if you think about the fact that Amazon is gearing up to launch their own App Store, and as they attract app exclusives like “Angry Birds Rio“, it could be a way to release a tablet that works around the fact that it cannot officially have the Google powered Android Market installed. Think about the amount of apps Amazon is going to attract, and the fact that they have a lot of “buying power” to attract big name titles.  To me it seems like a no-brainer.

I think Amazon has to at least be batting this idea around.  Five devs seems like an awful lot for just maintaining the Kindle Android app.  Let us know what you think in the comments.


  • li

    I returned Kindle and purchased a NookColor cover on Amazon. I think they’re getting the message…

  • That would be great and would definently make a lot of people happy. Expecially if it stayed the same price.

  • Adfadf

    unless it’s a wifi tab with a built in webcam for <$200 I doubt anyone cares due due to the fact there will more than a dozen capable tabs on the market by the end of the year :)))))

  • If it is rumor. is interesting. It true, then very good news. We will entertain in both situations.

  • I have a hard time seeing what Amazon would gain by getting into the tablet wars. They’re aim has always been to sell books. As such, they can currently do so with their current Kindle models as well as with apps that run on every cell phone and tablet platform. What would they gain by adding another piece of hardware?

    • simplyapplied

      They are opening their app store this week, so having a color reader similar to the Nook could be a huge boost for them. What would be even better is in addition to books if they started allowing cloud storage for their MP3s, videos, and streaming videos/tv and have that deeply integrated with the device as well.

  • Chopper Joe

    A color Kindle doesn’t make a lot of sense to me, but a lot of things don’t. The advantages of the Kindle for reading largely depend on it being B&W (reading in sunlight, etc.). A color Kindle makes it just another tablet and a Kindle app is (literally) just as good as owning a Kindle.

    Unless, of course, they make it like the colorNook, with eReader and android functions well separated, and made it fully “root compatible.” That could be fun….

  • Anonymous

    If Amazon can keep people from entering the Apple eco-system, where sellers are soon going to be handing 30% of sale prices off into the big gaping maw that is Apple, then this is a big, big win for anyone that competes with them–not just Amazon.

  • Anonymous

    I would be shocked if they weren’t working on a color eReader. The black and white Kindle is only good for reading novels. I was recently reading a book about physics and on my black and white Nook the diagrams were vtrtually useless but were amazing clear on my Nook Color. Also the photos of people stunk on the eInk but looked great on the Nook Color. Amazon might be holding out for color eInk since they have made such a big deal about reading with the sun shining on your eReader and how horrible it is to plug in your eReader more often than once a month.

  • It would be great if Amazon Kindle integrates Android. I love Android OS. Working on Android is very smooth and user-friendly. Digital Magazines