For People (Guys) Who Always Forget to Send Greeting Cards, SMSW!ish

I have never been a guy who has been really good at sending any sort of card. I miss birthdays, anniversaries, you name it. It’s not because I don’t care, but rather because I honestly forget to go to the store and get a dumb card to send. Iconosys looks to help people like me out by releasing an app called “SMSW!sh”.  It allows users to send electronic greeting cards to their friends and family using SMS messaging.  Not a bad idea at all!  Check out how it works after the break.  Use the download box below to get the app right now from the Android Market.
A quote from the press release:

SMSW!sh™ utilizes the world’s number one means of communication, SMS-Messaging” to convey and express good tidings, well wishes, and real-time or scheduled instant gift card wishes!

  • 1) Pick your holiday, 2) pick a custom design, 3) enter the recipients number or multiple recipients numbers,  4) enter a custom SMSW!ish™ message,  5) press Send or Schedule Send, and then let this handy app take care of the rest — yourSMSW!sh™ of love, adoration, or appreciation is now ready to go and will be sent out as scheduled.
  • Your SMSW!ish™ recipient will be notified similar to:

“You’ve received an SMSW!sh greeting card, click to see your custom message, – pwrd by

simply click on the link and your SMSW!sh™ opens up for view.

  • Add a custom personalized audio message to your SMSW!sh™. Press menu -> add my voice and attach a recorded message to go with your SMSW!sh™ SMS-card.
  • Choose from 10 or more holidays, along with Thank You, Congratulations, Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary and send or pre-schedule a customized personalized SMSW!sh™.

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  1. David
    March 19, 16:55 Reply

    Untill I see what it is I will not fill out their required information….STAY AWAY…

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