Sprint Branded XOOM Poses For The Camera; Is The Atrix Next?

Didn’t see this one coming so close to CTIA. The Motorola XOOM has been spotted with Sprint branding, and the leak source looks pretty reliable. BGR has posted the image above which shows the device in all its glory.

There’s no word on pricing or a release date. It’s also unclear whether or not this thing will be WiMAX equipped. It could just end up being a 3G CDMA-only device. Then again, there’s always the chance it’ll be 4G upgradeable like the Verizon model.

Yesterday, Android and Me added similar news to the rumor mill. They said that Sprint will release both the XOOM and Atrix, each with 4G connectivity. Now that part of their speculation is true (a Sprint XOOM), it seems likely that the rest will be too (4G and Atrix). The Atrix could also end up being the Motorola device that we rumored into existence, yesterday. We thought that it would be some sort of PTT (Push-To-Talk) device with a rugged shell, but I don’t think people would be any less enthusiastic about the current AT&T Atrix in its unadulterated, yet Sprint branded form.

Hopefully we’ll find out more at CTIA. From the looks of it, Sprint is gearing up to make quite a splash.

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  1. nportelli
    March 18, 16:10 Reply

    If The Xoom wasn’t so expensive I’d love one. Well and if Sprint actually got 4G to my area.

  2. Akmdza
    March 19, 20:27 Reply

    I have one myself, but the only flaw it has is that it does not have a stand so that when I type with blootooth keyboard it is hard to see what I am typing. Other than that the MOTOROLA XOOM is awesome!!!!!!!

  3. Intocad
    March 22, 06:07 Reply

    Anyone know when the xoom will be available to buy from Sprint? I am ready NOW!! Also want the EVO 3D too….any date one that purchase date? I still love my EVO, but the the 3D looks very sweet.
    Thank you Sprint!

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