Adobe AIR Updated for 3.0

More good news for those of you who are proud owners of devices running 3.0.  Adobe has updated their AIP app to provide official support of 3.0, giving you more awesomeness on your Honeycomb device. The full update list taken from the market:

  • AIR 2.6 adds support for Android 3.0 and the latest Android tablet devices as well as improved performance, updated Android gesture support, and improved handling of HTML content within AIR apps.
  • Latest improvements include:
  • • Smoother video delivery
  • • Faster rendering and animation of games
  • • Support for the latest Android system gestures
  • • Tighter visual integration between Flash and HTML content


  • Unfortunately, I have yet to actually *need* AIR on my Droid due to the lack of apps that actually use it. Given the massive space it consumes, I think that’s a good thing.