December 26, 2014

AT&T Statement: "T-Mobile Customers Will Have To Replace 3G Handsets After Merge"

This is getting a bit concerning, Yahoo Finance is reporting that AT&T has made a statement saying that T-Mo customers who have 3G handsets will need to have their devices replaced if the recently announced merger goes through.  The reason being that once the acquisition is finalized, AT&T plans on reconfiguring how the current T-Mo towers work, re-purposing them for 4G service in an effort to increase the speed of their network overall.

A quote from the article talking about the change of towers, and hinting at some plans:

AT&T said that some time after the closing, it plans to rearrange how T-Mobile’s cell towers work. The spectrum they use for third-generation services, or 3G, will be re-purposed for 4G, which is faster.

That would leave current T-Mobile phones without 3G. They would need to be replaced with phones that use AT&T’s 3G frequencies. Ralph de la Vega, AT&T’s head of wireless and consumer services, said this will happen as part of the normal phone upgrade process.

“There’s nothing for them to worry about … it will be done over time, in a way that’s good for customers and good for AT&T,” de la Vega said in an interview.

There is no word yet of course what de la Vega means when he makes the above statement, but I am not sure how comforting I find it. I may go down and start looking at what it would take to get me into a Thunderbolt after hearing this. What do you think?

  • Pauloselhombre

    Presumably this is USA only?

  • Telekinetic

    RIP T-mobile.

    F*ck you AT&T.

    Sprint or Verizon…I’ll be there shortly.

  • Bunta

    Is this really news? who the f*** doesn’t want to upgrade their phone in 2yrs?

  • Levin49

    Please sign my petition to stop the AT&T/ T-Mobile merger:

  • Mokeymo2000

    This buy out is horrible!! My grandmother had AT&T and had to stay with her contract even though there wasn’t a tower close to her house and she couldnt get services, she paid for something that wasnt even usable, and their customer services did absolutely nothing, all AT&T did was take her money. I have a droid right now, they better give me something as good as what I have, or better. I refuse to buy a new phone, there is nothing wrong with mine

  • Chicab1999

    I think it stinks. Not being in a contract, I purchased the Samsung Vibrant in August for retail, $500.

  • Gwenshawscott

    Would all t-mobile customers have to switch from whatever phone they currently have.

  • Juanromo98

    They better offer a better plan and better phone upgrades I just recently got the g2x and was not looking to trade any day my phone so I got to figure out a way to keep it f… this sh.. att is all about there hidden fees and there overcharges they never care about the customer all they want is there money that’s why t-mobile got highest rank in their customer service att you suck……..!!!!!!!!

  • 123

    I left ATT to go to Tmobile. ATT sucks!! Verizon here I come!!

  • Ghost_effect

    I think the real problem here is that the public has been spoiled rotten by the advances in technology through the wireless companies.
    People simply dont understand that a phone in fact can cost more then laptops do now, and they still think that just because “They are a valued customer” that the company is going to throw a phone at them because they will “switch” or throw a hissy fit.
    In case you havn’t noticed, smartphones are getting more popular everyday and the costs to make these more powerful products are very real. Of course if AT&T buys out T-mobile I would expect as a consumer to need a different device. Quite simply, its a different company at that point that uses similiar but different technology.
    Should T-mobile cancel their customer’s contracts with no fee’s? IMO hell no, why would a company do that when they have already given their customers a discount in the first place.
    Again, in the wireless industry all we hear is “I’ve been with your company forever” and that makes people feel its ok to ask for a $800.00 phone for free.
    I’ve been buying gas for year’s from the same company, but I have never once been given a free tank of gas or a free car. How is this much different? Because of a 2-year contract? People should stop being stupid and read what they are signing when agreeing to commitments. (for those that argue, please… on commitment.
    Why is it I see 7 year old’s with I-phones? Because times change and so do the companies policies, network technologies, and plans.. It’s how the wireless industry has worked since the beginning.

    I think people should simply pay what they use. Charge the asshole’s that use so much data that the companies are forced to remove unlimited data plans. It is indeed because of them and the rising usage that forced these companies to do it. They have to be strategic and change with the needs of their customers.

    Let’s say, for example they brought back unlimited data. I say charge double for it, and have half that portion go directly to the network to improve coverage moreso and speeds.

    I’d rather pay double then what I pay now, to have great service and data speeds on my phone.
    Then complain like everyone else, and have my company cut down on costs (network, phones, employee’s, what else?) to get a cheaper plan but shitty service.

    Can’t wait to see if the networks join personally, 5 years of cell phone towers added will make a much more powerful unified network.

    P.S Please don’t rip on the comment just for the sake of defending costs.
    I understand that everyone has a limit on how much they can spend monthly, but we (consumers) made the phones a necessity.

    If your gonna point a finger, please stand in front of a mirror.

    – Ghost.
    (any opinions given are that of my own)

  • Linda_Shorty

    Metro PCS here I come!! Now that there is a lot of pissed T-Mobile customers, Metro PCS will most likely get a boost and there rate plans are pretty cheap and they are becoming wide spread. I could also try Simple Mobile, since I can use my HTC Google Nexus One, there prices are cheap too, my mother have them and they have pretty good service too (New Jersey).

  • arleenie

    Here’s the biggest joke of the whole thing. Why is T-mobile still the ‘doggiing att commercials?

  • Hartofsteel13

    This suck big time. sorry at&t i am just not a fan. I have the garminfone and it is the best phone i have had, but now some clown decides that the 3G has to go.. I hope that the CEO at the top of at&t was raised right and do the right thing for T-Mobile customers. lol that will not happen. sorry to say but i would pay to get out of my contract. At&t would most likely do a upgrade to a phone that is out now, also may let buy one too, but as it goes that phone you buy has to have a bigger date plane. But got to save the best for last. The free phone that you get had been violated by some others fingers, o yes it is a refurbished phone. I say good luck to At&t and hope that the find a way to win T-mobile customers over or they will see a lot of lost contracts.

  • Anthony Rhodes

    verizon here i come, if im gonna pay all this money im might as well get good service as well smh

  • LaNyese

    I think it’s bullshit! I absolutely HATE AT&T!!! They are the worst carrier around for cellphones. Acquiring T-Mobile isn’t going to change that. It’s only going to make things worst for T-Mobile customers. I’ve had AT&T before T-Mobile and they were horrible! I switched to get away from them!

  • Ladylalique_1

    This is bull I just paid 400+ for my phone and I have to replace myself!!!!!?

  • ruth

    t-mobile sucks too, so one is as bad as the other ….

  • David2

    Why doesn’t AT&T use the same 3G frequency as the rest of the GSM world?

  • Javon Jones13

    I HATE AT&T IT’S URKING MY NERVES! so if I have the sidekick 4g can I still use it once it’s tranfered and all that bullshit is done with? (someone answer please)

  • guest

    I pay $30/mo including tax at Tmobile for 1500 minutes, texting, and 30 mb of data. AT&T will nix that as quickly as possible!

  • amag78

    i have ATT and i love it,i had Sprint for 2 years and went to Verizon, ended contract after 1st move i had ever made.
      I do think customer should be allowed to cancel contract with no fees.

  • George999

    Phuc AT&T and their corporate swill. The T-Mobile users lose, the phone industry losses because competition will be less. I love this line “Ralph de la Vega, AT&T’s head of wireless and consumer services,
    said this will happen as part of the normal phone upgrade process.” What a rotten liar. This is only to line their pockets. If this merger goes through, it just proves how idiotic or corrupt the powers that be really are.

  • Yellowrose908

    As a loyal T-Mobile customer for more than 8 years….It saddens me to hear about this merger going through.  I have an extreme dislike for AT&T customer service and their phone service.  If this merger does go through, I will be forced to change my cell phone carrier, because I will NOT deal with AT&T for my phone service.

  • blondiebabe

    I have had at&t for about 5 years on my parents line and then went the other day to try and get a phone from them by myself. they wanted 750 dollars per line just as the deposit. i went to tmobile and had nothing. however now i am stuck in a contract with tmobile and i hate it. it is the worst service i have ever gotten. almost every call i have is dropped and i dont get any reception inside any buildings. i will be glad when they merge. but as far as upgrading i could care less. i dont want a phone with internet at all thats why i have a computer. but they are making all of these phones today to where you have to have internet for them to run. which isnt just 1 carrier it is all of them.

  • rj77


  • Mario Hodge

    I love AT&T they are a really good company. They have helped me out with my bill and getting new phones. I am glad they are merging with Tmobile. Tmobile only work in big cities not small towns. AT&T always get the newest phones and products. If people don’t like then take your ass to Sprint where the service is bad or Verizon where you get fake 3G service. AT&T The best 

  • StevemM

    Couple months ago I went to ATT and upgrade my phone.  They were highly praising about 4g.  I told them if I hear one more word about 4g im walking out.  The dude looked at me funny and I explained I live about 20 miles from here.  Once I pass a certain area I drop from 4G to EDGE.  If ya’ll can upgrade EVERYTHING to 3G then and only then will you “impress” me with 4G.

  • JohnMAC

    i’ve been a TMobile customer for 10 years, once this is final with AT&T I’m going to switch to two tin cans with a string which is far better than AT&T service. Kiss my Ass AT&T!!!!

    • Childoftheaftermath

      I love TMo and I hope this merger gets STOMPED. IF At&t gets TMO I am switching to sprint. Because verizon sucks @$$ too

      • Tmosucks

        Wow you guys are CRAZY! TMO service seriously is prolly the worst i’ve ever had. Even cricket is better. Verizon is Boss and at&t isn’t half bad either compared.

      • Alex Kielczewski91

        It went through for $39 billion

        • Yancy

          It is still under approval dipshit!

    • Logan Carbin

      If you’ve been with Tmo for 10 years… how do you know what AT&T’s service is like? Tmo has trash service compared to AT&T, quit buying in to all the doubcasting being done by it’s competitors. 

  • Anonymous

    I HATE AT&T and think the Government should have said NO to this …..period! they are a monopoly anyway you look at it and monopolies are illegal. The FCC needs to look at the fact that Sprint will be more than likely be going out of business soon, and the only competion is Verizon. At least we had two good, sound choices. Now the FCC FORCES us to have one…Verizon, yet their rates are TOO high. I am just getting a month to month plan, when they switch. I hated AT&T as a long distance company in my home for adding charges they could never explain and I told myself then I would never use them. I could care less about their iPhones. You have to pay for all their apps, and it’s just not worth it anymore. I wish enough customers would say “NO”!!!!!!!

  • Rob

    I am glad the merger is taking place. I’m an AT&T customer and rarely get dropped calls. When the merger goes through with T-Mobile, AT&T will have an even faster 4G network.

    I HATE Verizon wireless. I tried them out for 9 days after my contract was up with AT&T and their reception sucks. I would get dropped calls all the time and I was in different towns. They also tried to charge me 3 months worth of service for only using them 9 days. What a rip off. I have since ported my number back to AT&T and will never change again.

    I don’t know what everyone is talking about that AT&T is no good. I have been with them since 2002 and have never had a billing or service issue. They have great customer service and reception.    GO AT&T!!!!


  • Anonymous

    I am with T-Mobile, and from what I understand, since I hate this as well, is that they must honor the same contract, and if not they have to let you out. Now if someone signs a new one, then yes, they are going to be stuck with AT&T, sadly.

  • Anonymous

    I hate this as well; however, do some research on the internet because A LOT is going to have to be done because there is NOT truly 4g available right now. AT&T is really going their work cut out for them. Yes, the phones state 4g, but that is because they are 4g ready. Look it up , and you will see. Being charged for something that the phone companies cannot even “truly” provide yet.

  • TmoUser

    The sickness is already starting.  I am a pay as you go T-mobile customer and have been using the $1.49 Web 24-hour daypass as my main usage of my account.  Suddenly, it just stopped working.  I called customer support just now (very early 10/17/2011) and was told that they had ELIMINATED the daypass feature on 10/16/2011.  So now what remains of the $100 credit I purchased recently can only be used for phone calls unless I switch plans.  

    The closest plan to which I could switch gives you $2/day for one day of unlimited phone calls (in U.S.), unlimited 2G (not 3G) data, and unlimited text, but not only is this 51 cents more than the daypass, but it is triggered if I receive or make even a SINGLE one minute phone call (which on my old plan would cost 10 cents), and it is for a 24 hour period from midnight to midnight, NOT 24 hours from the time of purchase, as was the case for the Daypass.  They even say that if I start a call at 11:59pm and it goes to 12:01am I can be charged to two days.  So this would be vastly more expensive for me given my present usage pattern.  When I complained, they would not even offer me a refund of the remaining credit in my account.

    So now I have committed to a phone number, given it out to friends and business associates, bought and installed a SIM card, put money into the account, and after all that, this critical feature has just been taken away without even a notice, so far as I can tell by searching my email.  Even the technical support rep I first spoke to was not aware at first that this feature had been eliminated.  And the FAQ when I log in to my plans page still reads that for Pay As You Go, “For mobile web access, purchase a $1.49 Web DayPass for unlimited 24-hour mobile web access on the days you need it.” although the customer rep told me that this will be revised soon.

    I’m upset and consider that I’ve not been fairly treated.  The excuse given by the rep is that the Web daypass was not part of any plan, but was a feature that could be added to any plan.  Perhaps so, but it was only the pay as you go plan user who would have found this to be a valuable feature.  I will be looking for other service soon.

  • Josephrizam

    I am a t-mobile customer because at and t charge Wats shouldn’t be charged for . They randomly charge . T-mobile Has a great unlimited data and they don’t even charge a lot. Is this merger goes I am switching to Sprint