VLC Media Player for Android in 1-2 Months

Work is still underway on an Android version of VLC Media Player, the open source, cross-platform media player that plays just about any kind of file you throw at it, and a beta is expected within a month or two.

This new time frame is pushed back quite a bit from what we’d heard in December, when it was said to be coming in a matter of weeks. In an interview with a German site on March 19, VideoLAN board member Rémi Duraffort provided some detail about why it has taken longer than expected:

“Unfortunately, VLC uses some features from the libc that Bionic does not implement. For this reason we had to add workarounds to be able to compile and run VLC Media Player. It requires time as some of these workarounds are a bit complex.”

That’s not a reference to the Droid Bionic, but to Bionic, Google’s custom C compiler library for Android.

The app is expected to run on Android 1.5+, but will make special use of new audio and video APIs for devices running Gingerbread or higher.

Source: Handy-sparen.de


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  1. Bill
    March 21, 13:29 Reply

    Will this be able to use software decoding for video formats not natively supported by the handset? As far as I am aware, Samsung Galaxy S is the only handset that natively supports DivX. If you want to view these video files on another handset then you’re limited to RockPlayer which doesn’t have the best interface.

  2. PacoBell
    March 21, 13:30 Reply

    Better late than never! Can’t come soon enough =)

  3. Doug Simmons
    March 21, 13:35 Reply

    Nice, nice. This is on the list of missing pieces of Android, a vlc-like player, and now we gonna get the real deal. Be sure to follow up on this fellas. Put it in your Google Calendar.

  4. 3ddi3
    March 22, 07:00 Reply

    Hope this will be optimised for the Android emulator.

  5. Darthfruitloop
    March 24, 03:23 Reply

    Sweet, I just hope that it works on all phones well. I have a Sprint HTC Hero and it has an ARMv6 Processor…so it cant do flash…or work well with any video playing app. The good news for the phone is that it has a great development community and although official support stopped at Android version 2.1…Android 2.3.3 (Gingerbread) has been ported to the Hero :)

  6. Prepaid
    March 24, 10:48 Reply

    Sweet news – is there a iOS Version already?

  7. mani
    April 02, 01:57 Reply

    very nice, two months wait is very heavy.

  8. Alok Gupta
    April 26, 11:27 Reply

    will it be supporting http live streaming also..

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