Xobni for Gmail Arrives in Private Beta; Xobni for Android and iPhone Moving to Beta Soon

Many of us are already familiar with Xobni, the social networking integration tool, and now, a private beta for its highly-anticipated product for Gmail and Google Apps – Xobni for Gmail, has been announced.  The product is free and helps users find and easily manage contacts. Xobni will move its Android and iPhone apps into beta for users to test within 90 days. People interested in testing any of these new products can request access to the beta versions on Xobni’s website.

In a press release, Xobni stated that they are looking to implement both free and paid versions for Android and iOS.  For those not familiar, Xobni  is designed for customers with multiple inboxes and devices, and now, there is a cloud-based service called Xobni Pro that connects your contacts across multiple platforms, creating one pain-free, automatic, and comprehensive contact list. Currently, users of Xobni for Outlook, BlackBerry and Gmail will find all of their contacts and inbox insights available to them, no matter which device or inbox they are using. In addition to this new cross-platform portability, Xobni Pro users have access to advanced features for email junkies – like the ability to export all contacts to the native Outlook and BlackBerry address books, and benefit from daily Spam Rescue, which rescues and alerts you of messages that were incorrectly filtered into the junk mail folder.

Pretty amazing stuff.  I, personally, have been waiting for this for some time, and have already signed up for the beta.  Who’s on board?

  • ratpack314

    Been using it for last couple of days. Initial thoughts:

    – Still very rough. Hung up a few times.
    – Not nearly as good as Xobni for Outlook (which I LOVE). But I’d say 1/2 way there…
    – Pretty fast and responsive, surprisingly.
    – Superior to wannabe’s such as Rapportive.

    I’m sure Xobni will continue to improve as it rolls out. Holds great promise. I now have no reason to hold on to using Outlook. Goodby to 20th century technology POS that is Outlook!

    • Brent Collins

      I downloaded it today and spent over an hour playing with both the ap and widgets.  Great search for contacts.  MUCH faster than stock contact search on Droid X.  It also ranks your contacts below the search in a more organized and logical fashion than stock.  I’m a huge fan and absolutely recommend signing up for the beta.