Kyocera Launches Developer Program for Echo

We’ve gotten word from the guys over at BusinessWire that Kyocera has launched an Android developer program, aimed specifically at app development for their Echo device that we saw back in February. They’re claiming that they already have some major Android developers on board (although they’re not naming any names), and are looking for more. The development program was just launched at CTIA, and includes a full SDK, as well as additional tools for developing apps on a dual-screen device like the Echo. So, if any developers out there want to get cracking on an Echo app, head on over to the Kyocera Android Development Page to get started! More on this as it develops. So,  we want to know, do you think that awesome apps and good development will save the Echo from failure? Sound off in the comments below!

  • This is a creative dual screen smart phone with android. The 3DS shape makes it stand out from other phones.

  • I’ve been trying to think of instances where the average public could use two displays and I haven’t come up with much. However, businesses could always use an extra display to explain things, allow query selections, and to display tentative scheduling data while trying to line up resources.

    I just don’t believe a Kyocera phone belongs in business. If they’d made the phone a Sanyo design, it would have had more of a chance.

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    Correction – The press release does cite names of the Android developers already on board. They’re listed under each category under gaming, social networking, location-based services (LBS), mobile entertainment and productivity.