“Filthy Rich from Selling Android Apps”

Image: Krishnan Design

With such striking counter-examples around, we’ve always been suspicious of the conventional wisdom that developers can’t make money with Android apps. Now we have more anecdotal evidence that it’s very possible to bring in serious money as an Android developer, in the form of an article from Ben Sillis of U.K. site Electricpig.

Sillis profiles eight developer success stories, some of whom have pulled in more than a million dollars in revenue from paid apps. Others have struck it rich with ads or in-app purchases. And while the obvious suspects like Rovio are in there, so are several less well-known developers. If you are toiling away to bring better apps to Android users, head on over to read the whole post. It’s not only inspirational but also provides some great examples of strategies that work.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, eight, huh?

    Maybe it’s time you accepted the conventional wisdom: “Indeed, AndroLib estimates that just five paid-for Android apps have been bought more than 250,000 times.”

    • Here are the apps I’ve found so far that have pulled in >$100K in revenue: http://www.appbrain.com/user/chuckfalzone/high-revenue-apps

      By no means complete, I just add to the list as I come across them. And that doesn’t include free apps with other revenue streams.

      • Anonymous

        Looks like EasyTether may have pulled in around $350K after accounting for Google’s cut, and before accounting for Uncle Sam’s cut. That might pay off the mortgage, but it isn’t exactly “filthy rich,” particularly when spread over a couple of years.

  • AverageHumanReader

    Am I getting too old is is the link to the detailed post invisible to the average human reader???