Motorola Dropping Android for their Own OS?


An insider recently said that Motorola is secretly planning a team of trained developers to create their own OS. They are reportedly doing this to lessen how much they depend on Android.

Though nothing is set in stone yet, Motorola (over the past nine months) has hired great software developers for Apple and Adobe. Motorola is looking to make this OS fully web based. Motorola has already began gathering different resources to form their cloud storage and security.

It will be interesting to see if Motorola actually goes through with this plan, since Android has been a large reason why the company has turned around it’s business of late.  More news as it develops.

Source: Electronista


  1. It will suck. Instead they should drop blur. If they are worried about “fragmentation” then why don’t they just stop fragmenting it? If everyone ran stock updates would come much faster.

    Motorola it is your own damn fault

  2. It will suck. Instead they should drop blur. If they are worried about “fragmentation” then why don’t they just stop fragmenting it? If everyone ran stock updates would come much faster.

    Motorola it is your own damn fault

  3. It will suck. Instead they should drop blur. If they are worried about “fragmentation” then why don’t they just stop fragmenting it? If everyone ran stock updates would come much faster.

    Motorola it is your own damn fault

  4. I’ve been wondering about this since they bought another “mobile linux” developer company a year or two ago (whose name eludes me at the moment).
    I’m guessing they just think it’ll be easier to impose even stricter lock-in and lock-down on their devices if they have their own special OS rather than widely-popular Android.

  5. Motorola board executives making those big decisions again. I don’t even use Motorola products and I can see this is a bad idea.

  6. guess moto isn’t familiar with the saying “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” ppl only turn to there products when they don’t have the patience to wait for the better HTC equivalent to drop

  7. Motorola was almost a forgotten company before they adopted Android. If they drop Android, then they will make sure they are this time definitely forgotten. I agree wit a previous commentator, All companies that use Android should use the stock version. No one (including HTC) have a better user interface compared to stock.

  8. This couldn’t be better, because motorola android phones (ALL OF THEM) suck. If you’ve ever played with a Droid X, which has great hardware, you’ll know why when you see it lag just like an original motorola cliq….

    Motorola is going to set themselves up for massive failure all over again, paving the way for HTC and Samsung.

    Good riddance.

  9. You have got to be kidding me. If it was not for #android, motorola would not even be standing right now. Dont forget where you were 4 years ago. You suck at providing support to your phones. Thinking about a complete OS is beyond comprehension. Android SAVED Motorola. Dont be a use and throw bitch. You can make decent specced devices, but software is not your forte.

  10. Motorola announce they can no longer keep pace with Samsung?
    Shame. Ill be sad to see a hardware manufacturer splitoff.
    Especially if it means the death of their mobile sales.

  11. I have never seen a company SO eager to run itself into a wall as Motorola. First they came out with motoblur, which everyone hates. Say they are going to stop using it then don’t, then put bootloader locks on their handsets so you can’t just root the thing and make it right and now this? It’s almost as if they keep shooting themselves in the head but by some miracle keep missing the brain.

  12. If this is true it will bring Motorola down in sales. I think if your mobile is not Android it should be iOS. So its iPhone or any android phone.

  13. I attended the AnDevCon conference a few weeks ago.
    Christy Wyatt (Motorola Mob VP of Software and Services Prod Mgmt) told the crowd in her keynote speech that Motorola has a smartphone lineup strategy that is 100% Android (she didn’t comment on other type phones, such as feature phones).

    • Yup.. Motorola has already said they’re not interested in Windows 7 Phone or other outside smartphone OSs. They probably wouldn’t have said that if they weren’t committed to Android… or even if the Windows Phones were doing really well. There’s a good reason: Android saved Motorola Mobility. Hopefully, they were also humbled enough to know that if Apple and HP can’t beat Android in the market, they have absolutely no chance on their own.

  14. Motorola was the company about a mistake before they adopted Android. Android if they drop, they make sure they are forgotten by the time it certainly will. I last a commentator, all companies should use the Android version using stock agree wit. No one (HTC) including a better user interface than the stock.

    anthony morrison

  15. I thought the whole purpose of creating Motorola Mobility was to improve their mobile line up not screw with success. I wonder if they had their own OS if they would still put Blur on top of it. So then not only would the OS suck but so would the UI.

  16. Hmmm… a Web-based-OS… I think that’s been done, and it’s called WebOS. And while it doesn’t suck, it’s a proprietary HP thing now. Developers are not about to support every OS out there.. just those they see as the top OSs. Android and iOS are pretty much assured going forward… sure, some developers want just one OS, but as they expend, they’ll cover the top entries.

    So what’s next is a question… do you support RIM… Blackberry or the tablet OS? Or WebOS? Or Samsung’s Bada? Or Windows Phone 7? Or Intel’s MeeGo?

    I have a Droid, and I’m quite happy with the hardware, and with Android. But I went to Motorola looking for an Android phone… they just happened to have the phone I was seeking in 2009. My heart wouldn’t skip a beat if Motorola left the market and I had to switch to HTC, Samsung, Sony,

    If this is real, someone at Motorola needs a history lesson: once the IBM PC hit the market, allowing any hardware vendor to enter the PC market, within 10-12 years only Apple was left as a serious ongoing concern as a proprietary branded OS. I worked at Commodore, the #3 back in 1990 or so… great tech, better in many ways than Apple or MS, but it didn’t last. Motorola here has virtually no chance of getting to either #3 or “better”, no matter who they hire.

    Another lesson of history: Motorola was going down hard before Android. They did not have the ability to compete in the smartphone market, either with their own OS or riding Microsoft’s coattails. What would possibly compel them to think they do now?

    There’s at least a couple of alternate explanations.

    #1: Feature Phone OS… could be Motorola wants to keep alive that gap between dumb phones and features phones, but ultimately make it cheaper by building a standard OS that everyone uses. The only reason feature phones will continue to exist is the network providers… as long as Verizon and AT&T charge way more for a smart phone than a feature phone per month, there’s room for the feature phone.

    But not that much. The original model of the feature phone was a web-enabled phone with enough juice to run subscription web apps. But the telcos were so greedy, this pretty much failed; it doesn’t take much to push you to smartphones, when you have to pay $5.00 per app per month on a feature phone. I don’t believe for a second Motorola is planning to support this nonsense.

    #2: They’re not replacing Android, but building more stuff on top of it. They’re sticking with Android, but using in-house projects to make Motorola phones the premium Android brand. I mean, given the FOSS factor of Android, it’s hard to claim that there’s a downside to Android itself. They have to pay Google for bundled Google Apps, so why not develop their own replacements? And if they add a bunch of actually good stuff, they might manage to address the problem of competition. Like my apathy about a Motorola upgrade.. I’ll look at another Motorola phone for my upgrade this summer/fall. They’ve been very good, supportive, with timely OS upgrades, particularly as compared to HTC or Samsung. Right now, I’m theirs to lose, and those factors will probably have me on another Motorola phone unless they screw up royally. But it’s not impossible they could lock users in even more with a greatly enhanced offering built on Android… and that’s certainly NOT MotoBlur.

  17. Logical, like Samsung with Bada OS.
    They can´t just depend of Android for everything, they need to control not just the hardware, but software too.
    Samsung will improve Bada and will make it compatible with Android and then will start to put in their advanced phones.